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  1. First film i recall seeing here was Empire Strikes Back in 1981 with my uncle. Its a memory that i havnt forgotten. They were the days when going to the cinema was a big deal. Id probaly get taken twice, maybe three times a year. And we didnt have a video either! The anticipation of going to see the lastest blockbuster back then was sometimes overwhelming! Now, of course i go every other week and buy dvds like theres no tomorrow. But there was something very pure about seeing a film at a place like the Gaumont. The sense of occasion, the decor, the excitment, the fact that you could digest and think about a film for weeks after seeing it. I also remember a little newsagent type shop next to the Gaumont too, where my mum used to stock up on sweets etc to take in with us!! Looking at some of those pics it really was criminal of them to tear the place down. Other films i saw.. Return of the Jedi 1983 long line for that one! A View to a Kill 1985 Rodger Moore looking quite old..... :huh:
  2. Went to see Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in this baby in 1984 for my birthday. Had a Wimpy ( remember anyone?) beforehand, then we went to watch Dr Jones kick sum occult ass!! Great day as i remember, totally forgot about the smell in that corridor when we were queing! As i recall the screen was quite big, and the only other film i can remember watching was Clash of the Titans in 1981. We always seemed to go the Gaumont for my other birthdays.
  3. Hi Guys Ive just registed, what a great site! Congrats to whoever started it! Been a nostalgia freak, Redgates was the first thing i looked for on this... I have such great, but fleeting memories of this place. As a youngster coming from Wath, a trip with my mum to Sheffield meant only one thing- Redgates! You see its quite simple, i was a Star Wars child, and the display of toys they had there was heaven to my young eyes! I vividly remember a HUGE display on the downstairs section round about the time Empire Strikes Back came out. All the figures neatly presented reanacting scenes from the films.... Great days... A few years ago i went inside to the funiture shop it is now to try and stir a few memories! Daft bugger! ;-)