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  1. I remember the old 'Pav' picture house. I lived just to the left of the picture on Berkeley Road until 1954 but my Grandma lived there into the 60s.
  2. Anyone attend Westfield Comprehensive 1962-68? Lower school at Halfway and Upper school in Mosborough.
  3. I lived just round the corner on Berkeley Road until I was 4. We moved to Hackenthorpe in 1954 but I remember The Pav, The Adelphi and The Globe. The Amberely pub was around there as well. My Grandma moved from Berkeley Road just before the houses were demolished.
  4. I think East Midlands bus used to stop here, no 3 to Clowne and Mansfield. A mate of mine used to live at Spinkhill.
  5. I remember the Whitsun clothes and Banners. I lived down Attercliffe so Banners was our nearest department store. It had those tubes down which your money was sent.
  6. Not quite your era but I was there from 1954 to 1958.
  7. Anyone go to Westfield in the 1960s?
  8. Anybody attend Westfield Comprehensive School in 1960s?