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  1. Sinatra's nightclub Sheffield

    Steve splash was engagedto jean . Then along came Shame the miner on strike who worked but claimed he wad skint. Stole jean away from Steve. He was steak creep. Loved himself.
  2. Stevie Splash

    Did he live in Loughborough
  3. Sheffield Nightclubs - List Of Names

  4. Sheffield Nightclubs - List Of Names

    Fannies used to be Fiveways
  5. The Nelson Rock Bar

    Where is Pete and lyn Baines. They lived. near park head. Then moved to Dore near Dore nursery. Daughter zipporah. Joined army . Brother Anthony was killed in girder accident 2010. At Barkers pool aged 50.
  6. The Nelson Rock Bar

    After the Nelson it was the hop pickers and grape treaders. Run by Pete and lyn baines. Who's father ran a few other pubs in town. One on division st. Then one on neepsend. Mid 80s