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  1. Methodist Chapel was founded in 1830 on Main Street, Hackenthorpe, across the road from Hackenthorpe Hall and closed in 1961 to be replaced by a new church on Spa View Road. See http://churchdb.gukutils.org.uk/DBY1621.php for more details. The 6" OS Map dated 1888 -- 1933 shows the location. The picture below taken by me on a Kodak Box Camera is of a group of 6 early teenage boys on the steps of the chapel in c1960 (Back: Peter Beaumont, Tony Roper, ?, Front: Cliff Masters, Charlie Mills, Phil Masters). Shortly after this date a new church was built on Spa View Road. The first sod was turned by a lady in the next picture (who I cannot name), along with church members and onlookers. On the right of the picture can be seen Mrs Waterfield and her husband (only half of his face showing) the Minister at the time the Rev E.J. Waterfield along with their young daughter. Another box camera picture. 2 stained glass windows were included in the church, the first was installed in 1895 in Surrey Street Methodist church (which closed in 1957) and is a memorial to Martha Wardlow. I believe there is a copy of this in Sheffield Archives (Ref.MD 7924 1991/71) but I have been unable to find this on the web. There is a picture of the window on Flickr in an album called “Stained Glass” by Roger Perris.The second one is shown below: A group around the organ after Sunday Morning service. Left to Right: Harold Weeder, David Webster, Rev E.J. Waterfield, Norma Flower, Michael Boyles, Carol Oldfield, Ken Beaumont. A group at Rev E.J. Waterfield’s “leaving do” c1962 in the Church Hall. I cannot find a picture of the church between 1961 and 1992 The church for sale in 1993 h(from ttps://www.hpacde.org.uk/picturesheffield/jpgh_sheffield2/s31686.jpg) The church was sold in 1994 and is now called Rother Valley Church.
  2. Thanks Boginspro, very helpful.
  3. Does anyone have - or know where can be found - an aerial photo of the old rag n tag market?
  4. The author finishes the item with this comment: "It remains unlikely that the coin’s context will be further illuminated by the planned excavation. The coin could have been dropped by an absent mind in the medieval period, churned up by ploughing, finding its way into material which was reused when the pub was erected. However, firmer conclusions remain out of reach. Although the coin confirms to a degree that the site was being used in some form during the medieval period, the nature of this link is unknown and any more definitive historiography would be speculation." Oisin Mercer Archaeological Technician
  5. This news item from Wessex Archeology https://www.wessexarch.co.uk/news/hollis-croft-sheffield-cock-public-house-and-mystery-medieval-coin makes for interesting reading. On 20 April 2017, an Edward I long cross silver penny was found during the excavation of the former site of the Cock, a 19th-century public house, just off Hollis Croft, Sheffield. The penny is remarkable, not just with regards to its age and relative scarcity but also to the context in which it was found.
  6. BenBeau

    Alan Hodgkinson RIP

    Hodgy used to play cricket at Frechevile Community Cricket Club's annual match v Sheffield United. I can also remember Colin? Brewster and Gerry Summers playing. I think Gerry made 96 in one of the games. Attached are 2 pictures taken by me of Alan and another of Derek Pace at one of these games in the mid 60s. I watched United as a schoolboy - with the defence usually: Hodgkinson, Coldwell, Shaw G., Richardson, Shaw J., Summers. Oh Happy Days.
  7. Thornbridge School had a "twin" school in Alencon in Normandy and in 1964 students of the 2 schools (most of whom had corresponded as pen pals for a while) took part in an exchange. I think we spent 2 weeks in France around Easter and then entertained "Les Francais" at the end of the summer term. It was quite an adventure for me - I stayed with the Chenais family on Boulevard de la Republique with my host Pierre and his family, and was looked after very well. Pierre had a pushbike which had a small petrol engine fixed to the front of it an, to help me keep up, he would give me a tow on another bike without an engine.I always thought the idea of powering a bike was a good idea but I believe it was illegal in UK. We went on several trips when we were in France - to chateaux in the Loire - Azay le Rideau and Chenonceaux, a trip round the Le Mans circuit (sadly in a coach not a racing car), and my French family took me to Paris for a weekend where we stayed in a flat belonging to one of their relatives. I played a lot of tennis with Pierre and his friends during my visit. A "Thornbridge XI" played a game of football against a school team - their first XI!! They beat us 6-4 but were kind to us, presumably part of the entente cordiale. I can remember Andy Ellis and I preparing for the kick off when a "Fat bloke with a chain round his neck" walked through the mud to kick the ball away from our feet. This was, in fact the Town Mayor. I attach 2 photos (still looking for others) - one of Mr Snook and Miss Hannington having a last minute chat before we left Midland Station to set off and one of me stood on top of the Arc de Triomphe - flying the flag by wearing my school scarf! The Eiffel Tower in the background.
  8. BenBeau

    Hackenthorpe Wanderers

    Thylacine (Gears) fancy remembering "Kenny" - I've not been called that for ages. I can remember watching Popeye cartoons on your TV after a day at Rainbow Forge Junior School. I have always thought of the team you refer to above as "Hackenthorpe Methodists FC" and the photo was taken approx. 1959. Players names (I think) are: Back Row L-R:: Michael Boyles, Frank Bonnington, Charlie Mills, Darryl Bower, wee pipe Wainwright, Ian Geary, David Webster. Front Row L-R: Philip Boyles, Ken Beaumont, Paul Else, ? Mack, Phil Masters, Philip Geary. The team was started by Mick Boyles and Dave Webster, who were members of the church – Mick was the organist and Dave (I think) had a desire to be a youth worker. Dave worked with my father Henry (a professional photographer – who took the photo) in Sheffield. The aim was to introduce young men into the church through their membership of the football team. My recollection of the first game was that the 2 coaches, Michael Boyles and David Webster, arrived at the ground on their bikes each with a sack over their shoulders. One sack contained a set of green and white quartered shirts (pre-owned!) while the other contained sawdust. The team’s first task was to mark out lines on the pitch using the sawdust. I had freshly applied dubbin to my boots for the game and after lining the pitch I had a small pyramid of sawdust on each toecap. I can’t remember the result of the game or the opposition - but I think they may have been another church-based team. I lasted 3 games in the team before more accomplished footballers joined. Drakehouse Lane playing fields are now "developed" - probably under a road, houses or Crystal Peaks. Thylacine - will shortly send you a PM with some other old pics. Regards, Ken Beaumont