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  1. Blackmacjay

    Queenies Fish and Chip Shop

    Anything is possible but I do remember, or seem to remember, that Noel Fusco was the owner and fish frier.
  2. Blackmacjay

    Beer and steelworks

    There was no question that beer was drunk at work and it was paid for by the men. Sometimes the apprentice lad would be sent if nobody else was around. The old story used to be that a man went to his doctor and was asked how much beer he drank. "Well," said the man, "I usually get through about seven or eight pints a day but I must confess I have quite a bit at weekends,"
  3. Blackmacjay

    Queenies Fish and Chip Shop

    It also occurred to me that, if we can find one of their children, they may be able to clear up the "mystery".
  4. Blackmacjay

    Queenies Fish and Chip Shop

    The man I knew at Block and Anderson was/is Noel Fusco. Whatever other names he had/may have had is beyond my imagination.
  5. Blackmacjay

    Queenies Fish and Chip Shop

    No, I first met Noel Fusco at Block and Anderson around 1962. Then he moved into promoting the sale of electrostatic copiers made by Smith Corona Marchant. The last I saw of him was in 1966 or thereabouts. So, no I'm not related but just via work.
  6. Blackmacjay

    Queenies Fish and Chip Shop

    So here we do have a mystery. The wedding picture looks like Noel Fusco to me but the other names are an enigma to me. Perhaps someone can help?
  7. Blackmacjay

    Queenies Fish and Chip Shop

    Yes, that is Noel as he was and his appearance is amazing after all these years.
  8. Blackmacjay

    Queenies Fish and Chip Shop

    Clearly, I do not know when Noel Fusco passed. Perhaps the dates above could give us some hint.
  9. Blackmacjay

    The old civic restaurant

    I do not remember the one on West Street but I do recall the one just behind City Hall and I remember my mother taking me there, Food was not great but it was wartime or just after and Great British Food was still far on the horizon.
  10. Blackmacjay

    Queenies Fish and Chip Shop

    Well, I don't remember the shop but the Fusco's I do. The owner was Noel Fusco and he worked, back in the 60s, at Block and Anderson. Initially, he sold calculators but then moved on to electrostatic copiers. I know all this because I followed him into the Block and Anderson company.
  11. Blackmacjay

    Sheffield's West Street has changed soooo much

    Try an email to alanlomax@alanlomax.co.uk. He is/was the webmaster of the Sheffield City Grammar School and you may get some pictures of the school you mentioned. I am, of course, assuming he is still alive but it may your best bet.
  12. Blackmacjay

    Sea Cadets Corps

    This outfit used to be headquartered in Loxley, Sheffield but I guess they moved. Do we know where they are now?
  13. Blackmacjay

    The Raincoat Shop

    No, I know it was on Orchard Lane.
  14. Blackmacjay

    The Raincoat Shop

    For reasons I do not understand, ladies have a fetish for wet knees hence their desire for short rainwear.
  15. Blackmacjay

    The Raincoat Shop

    Yes, I do look at it from time to time.