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  1. And that is why the kids who passed the exam are so, so smart. LOL but not really. And the kids of today aren't. The schools today are so "dumbed" down that the asinine quotations are so, so appropriate. I used to live close to a university and the teachers there spend most of the first year bringing students up to speed on Mathematics and English. So who is at fault, parents or inane schools or what?
  2. The Berni Inn at Norton was great for lunch. I used to go with my boss and he loved the place. But no meetings afterwards because I was looped.
  3. And I remember the use of farthings as well. They were used by bread shops for pricing their products.
  4. I remember taking the exam. It's only what happened last week that gives me the problem. Anyway, it was the City Grammar School for me which seemed to work well. And I do remember that my last teacher in Junior School told my mother that was the correct school so maybe that person got me in and not just the 11+.
  5. In my house te real reason was the fuel needed to heat two rooms. And we didn't have it.
  6. Back in the 1950s, it was known as the "Central Technical School" and it had a dual focus. The first was for electrical workers and the second was for construcion people.
  7. Yes, I remember them well and, as far as I know, they were not rationed. Then, of course, there was that dreadful disease that killed most of the wild rabbits. At least, here in the USA, one can buy farmed rabbits but not as good as the old wild rabbits.
  8. Well, I do thank the person who filled in a lot of the unknowns.
  9. The major reason that I remember was that I attended City Grammar School, that was on Leopold Street, and I passed it every day to catch the tram or bus home.
  10. Don't forget "The Raincoat Shop" was on Orchard Lane.
  11. During the long school holidays back in the 50's, I worked for a Sheffield University department. Anyway I went every week to collect horse blood and sometimes the heart of a cow to make a serum to grow bacteria. Hated it but it was a job and I did it.
  12. Anything is possible but I do remember, or seem to remember, that Noel Fusco was the owner and fish frier.
  13. There was no question that beer was drunk at work and it was paid for by the men. Sometimes the apprentice lad would be sent if nobody else was around. The old story used to be that a man went to his doctor and was asked how much beer he drank. "Well," said the man, "I usually get through about seven or eight pints a day but I must confess I have quite a bit at weekends,"
  14. It also occurred to me that, if we can find one of their children, they may be able to clear up the "mystery".