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  1. What about the old air raid tunnels at the back of Pipworth Road.?
  2. my mum used to work at the Wicker cinema in the 1950 to 1960 time. She used to come home with sweets that people had dropped when they were watching the film. Times were hard back then. I can remember us taking milkbottles back to get a penny return on them. Talk of the same happening again to get rid of plastic rubbish! Also when mum had peeled potatoes for tea any that had eyes on them were planted in the garden again for more potatoes.We had swimmers for tea that were just a dumpling made out of flour and water and then dropped in boiling water.Sometimes we had a bit of margerine on them and even a dob of jam if we were lucky.And chips were even more luxury if you got scratchings with them.I came back to Sheffield for my 73rd birthday with my youngest son and stayed at the Travel Lodge which was right next to Pipworth road school, my old school. Yes it had changed a lot but I still recognised lots of it.My cousin used to live at 34 Archdale Road, but they are just in the throes of knocking it down and rebuilding it.Dont know where he moved to, but his name is Jimmy France if anyone knows of him.
  3. My first job in Sheffield was with a company called A.M.Lee. It was a steel company in Bessemer Road and I worked in the office. in the drawing Office. He was my first grown up crush,totally unrecipricated alas. It was Arthur Milton Lee. I worked my first switchboard there and then joined G.P.O in Fitzallen Sqare. All the telegram boys used to work out of there with their little motor bikes.Anybody else remember
  4. Chewing nuts, Tiffin chocolate with raisins and bits if biscuit, Lovely. Liquorice roots, tasty nearly as bad as the chewy nuts, but hey back then we wanted a sweet that lasted a long time as they were few and far between. Even now chocolate is my guilty secret. Probably why I love it so much. When the Post Ofiice closed or stopped selling sweets the shop keeper gave all the old stock to my dad.Yes all the sweets were stuck together and Health and Safety were have had a field day. We thought we were rich.
  5. Hi David, are you are relative of Elizabeth France Jimmy France, Martin France. Their parents were Francis France, Jimmy France ,related to the Westnidge Family. We lived on Pipworth RoadManor Estate.
  6. Pipworth Road infant and junior School is nowhere to be seen .Did it exist or was it a figment of my imagination. When you reached 11 yrs old, you went to a school near by heading toward the Darnall area. Cant remember the name if it, but there was shop near there where you would buy frozen Jubley orange drink. Glynis Dransfield lived near there and also a girl called Jean Curtis whos mum had a shop just past some railway arches? She was my friend at school. She was the glamourous one and I the plain one.This would have been roundabout 1955?
  7. my gran was a flower seller down the market near The Queens Pub, where she invariably ended up. I can remember pushing wire through the rose bud heads and putting them in a flower box. We then had to put these on the bus under the stairs for her. If you didnt do it right, she had a pretty handy walking stick, which would help you to remember how to do it properly
  8. can anyone remember back in the early 1950,s the custom of being bought your new spring clothes[bought from Banners with a Banners cheque] and going round the neighbours on Whit Sunday to show them off and get a few pennies for them .I quess we would almost call it begging nowadays but we all did it.I lived at number 53 Pipworth road on the Manor Estate. Pauline