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  1. She was a regular at Cole Brothers, She also had pink hair at that time.
  2. I remember this being in the old 'rag and tag market before Sheasf market was built. I'm sure it was just a straight forward weighing machine, with weights. I don't remember seeing it after the new 'Woolworth's was built (now Wilkinsons) because they had a big red coin operated machine in there. I aslo remember getting weighed on the machine in the ladies toilets in the 'ole in the road' in late 60's. (Only 8stone then!) We popped in to cchech our hair etc after braving the wind from our walk up snig hill from bridge street.
  3. I can remember buying Dad and husband shirt from Harringtons back in 70's. Really good value. They also specialised in extra long sleeves for the taller guys.
  4. Worked at Cole Brother back then and Pippy's was on Cambridge Street. It may have moved to Division Street.