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  1. As for the Rex, i went there often in the 50's when my dad was sub-postmaster at Intake post office and we had a free pass because we had a weekly advert in the shop. Went by myself and if it was an "A" picture I'd wait outside until I asked somebody to take me in. Not what you'd do today ! It was much classier than the Manor Picture House showing MGM and Warner films whereas the Manor did Columbia, RKO and "lesser" quality films, tho' I remember the anarchic Saturday morning children's shows there. You could book a seat in the circle for the second house on a Saturday night. Our phone number was one number different from the Rex and it was not unknown for the phone to ring on a Saturday morning and for father to respond by maliciously appearing to book them in for that night. .Sadly he did not have much respect for the general public.