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  1. M J bar in 2009 taken by an non digital camera didn't own one back then.
  2. The pub was originally the ' Sportsman' built in the 1950s after the first pub was bombed in WW2. Fast forward to the late 1990s it was part of Attercliffe's *** scene run by two men it was then called ' Bar Indigo ' an disco bar then it closed and then reopened has ' Manhattan Dance Floor' again short lived venue has by then the other *** bars were closing down by 2002 leaving only the the old ' Rockies' nightclub before that went altogether later in the mid 2000s. The Manhattan was closed for quite some time then opened up has ' M J 's then sold too the Party Bus company renamed ' Buzz Stop Bar ' never took off closed around 2013. I can see it ending like the old ' Queens Head ' pub further down the road.