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  1. I was born at number 2 Duncombe Street in 1949. It was the corner house at the bottom if the street. We moved to Rivelin Valley when I was six or seven, but my grandparents still lived in that house for many years after. Two up two down, cellar ( I can remember the coal man delivering ) and attic, outside toilet. No bathroom, used to get the tin bath out. It had a coal fire and that fuelled the oven. I can still remember my grandmother baking bread. Used to walk from Hollins Lane to the church three times on Sunday's. Choir practice Friday night.
  2. I attended this church from the late 50's until the mid 69's. Sang in the choir and even made head Choir Boy. The vicar was Hubert George and he lived in the vicarage at the end of South Street, with his sister, miss George. The choir master was Reg Bradley and he really produced a magnificent choir. I was proud to be a part of it. Fond memories of Hubert George setting the cemetery on fire, and sending us to get watering cans to put it out. The annual choir trip was fabulous, we went to lots of places and always had a game of footie on the way back. What a great man. He was rural dean of Hallam at the time. He eventually left to go to Pelsall. Not the same after. Used to 'beat the bounds' carrying the cross and procession around the boundary of the Parish. Playing the last post from the organ loft. If anyone remembers these times or me let me know. Lots of very happy memories of this church. I have a lot to thank it for. I am still in contact with the old cubs leader Rosemary North !!
  3. I attended St Mary's Walkley from around 1954 for a bout 2-3 years when I went to Oakwood Collegate School. My lasting recollection of this school was a teacher called Mrs Smith. She taught the class above reception. Well, let me say she was a one for her favourites and I wasn't one of them. I don't know why but she really didn't like me. I can remember one day I dropped my pencil and she called me out. She stood me in the corner and told me to pull my socks up. So, being the six year old I was, I did just that. She laughed at me and ridiculed me. She told my parents I was backward. I went to Mrs Reynolds class after then thankfully left to achieve a proper education. Well, Mrs Smith, this backward child with the right teachers managed to achieve High Storrs Grammar School where I gained an A1 in Biology A level. Went to Bristol University and am now retired. Happily married for over 40years, four daughters, seven grandchildren and a Jaguar and a Porche on my drive!!! Its taken me over 60 years to vent my anger at this so called teacher. The damage that she did to me, and who knows others, may never be righted, but writing this makes me feel better.
  4. Went to High Storrs in the 60's. George Mack was the formidable, but fair headmaster. I can remember him dying, and my cousin who was head boy at the time going to his funeral at Sheffield Cathedral. i went into 1d and in those days two classes did French and two German. I got French. My teacher was Mr ( Tash) Billington. All in all I had a great time there. I remember playing Arial in the Tempest in my first year, a Sid Hoffman production. Covered in green calamine lotion I was! it was a pretty uneventful time, only on reflection do I now realise what a wonderful school it was. I went into the sixth form and did Bioligy, Physics and Chemistry. The only thing I remember about chemistry was the teacher Alf Riddler saying "you can't mix sheep and goats" in reference o normal and molar values. In those days it was arts and sciences, a little less flexible than today. However I snsged to get to Bristol University to study Dentistry. I was even s prefect in the sixth. My contemporaries were, John Thurston with whom I am still in contact, Ross Cullen, John Constantinr, Alan Weston and a few others. Good memories that only now, in retirement I relive.
  5. I attended Oakwood from around 1955 until I went to High Storrs Grammar. I attended both the Norwood Road and Barnsley road sites. i remember the head teacher and also perhaps her son, who had I believe a Canadian accent. Can't remember many of the teachers, but I think the PE teacher was mr Beaumont? as was mentioned in other posts, it was really a cramming school t get u through the eleven plus, and in my case it succeeded. It's not until many years later I realised the sacrifices my parents must have made to send me there. It gave me the foundation for my future and whilst my memories of the school are vague it doesn't hide the fact that it was a great place to be educated. I went to High Storrs with s few from there, I remember Ross Cullen well as we were best friends. Funnily I never kept in contact with anyone after secondary school.