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  1. My father was the Manger there for a good number of years, later 50,s up to its close as a Cinema, he also opened it as a Bingo hall before moving to become an area Manager with Corrigan Ford Enterprises who had taken over the Cinema. Does anyone remember him - Trevor Pengelly. Would love to know
  2. My Father was the manager of the Adelphi in the late 50's and 60's his name was Trevor Pengelly, unfortunately long dead. I am sure I can find some information for you from my mother who is still alive. He was running the Adelphi when it was changed to a Bingo hall by Corrigan and Ford Enterprises (Owners then of the Batley Variety club
  3. Been away from Sheffield for years, lost contact with most of my childhood friends, anyone know the following:- Stephen Watson Penny Gath Susan Davidson Anthony Wood Andrew Quail Karan Mason Janet Lomas Posted more in hope but lets see