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  1. Yes Jennet definitely gave the impression of being fatherless !! Did you know how he came by his nickname ? When I first attended Ecclesfield he owned a dark blue Austin or Morris 1800 and the first three letters of the reg. were OGY . I wonder if there is anyone else on here who was at Ecclesfield around this time ?
  2. I went with Lound Junior School , Chapeltown to see John Willy and The Bee People in 1968 or 1969 !! Our Teacher Mrs Crouch had some connection with The Playhouse and I think she took a group each year.....
  3. Me too !! Got a lot of records from there .It was owned and run by Pete Martin who later became Def Leppard's first manager . Spent ages in there talking with Pete and his wife/girlfriend - a lovely blonde lady but I can't for the life of me remember her name. They used to have a tiny pet monkey which was sometimes in the shop !! I Remember the feeling of euphoria when I walked in one day and Pete said he had something I may like to hear and produced from under the counter Blitzkrieg Bop by the Ramones on American import which I had asked him to try and get hold of for me. Yes , great days !
  4. Pretty sure it was Pippy's on Cambridge Street . I used to buy Joss sticks and patchouli oil there in the early 70's !!
  5. Mr Moss.......that brings back memories. Seem to remember his favourite words were 'Come on , Chop Chop' . Great days , I was there '69 - '76.....
  6. I don't remember that , but I do remember in the 70's a record shop in Chesterfield that went by the same name . My parents had a caravan in Derbyshire at the time and we went shopping in Chesterfield once whilst visiting and I bought 'Think Pink' by The Pretty Things and Pink Fairies drummer Twink there. Sold it on fleabay a few years ago - got nearly £200 for it !!!