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  1. Enjoyed reading that mate. Excellent.
  2. Wilkesy

    Kaye Gee Bee

    Anyone go to the northern soul all nighters at Kaye Gee Bee on Abbeydale Road ? Think it was originally a picture house which was converted into a ballroom. The dance floor was sprung and l have fond memories of literally bouncing when it was full. Had some great nights there late seventies.
  3. Anyone remember the Chuck Ranch on Holme Lane ? We spent many a happy Saturday night after a crawl around Stannington or Hillsborough in there. Think it was one of the first American themed diners in Sheffield. If memory serves me it burned down.
  4. I was there for the gig mate. Think it was the first tour they did after Curtis' untimely death. Didn't they smash up some of the equipment ?