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  1. Atkinsons Warehouse(the Atkinsons at the bottom of The Moor), the building to the left was a Cutlery case manufacturers and more recently was used by a joinery company. The building on the right used to be a car repair garage but the building has been empty for years
  2. 1970 I used to go on day release. I used to live at Stannington in those days and go to Deerstalker for pie and peas at lunchtime when I was at college
  3. She would also walk about town, remember everyone looking round as she approached swearing loudly at all and sundry. Everyone who knocked about in town knew Nora as well as old Cyril the tramp
  4. Memories, my Grandmother used to live on Heeley Green above the Victoria pub. When I was there on Saturday or Sunday my cousins and me would have Taggys. Brilliant ice cream
  5. Yes, I went a couple of times. They were ok
  6. My dad had a small shop and used to sell meat, he used to take me there to buy meat and then drop me off at school. Remember we used to get our Christmas turkey from there and had to pluck the thing. Feathers all over.
  7. They are all very good but long and many more characters. I have read them twice and am now listening to the audio version while driving. Each time I hear something I missed previously.
  8. Try reading the books, lots more characters and dialogue. If you don't like reading try listening to them on Audible. Roy Dotrice met with George Martin so they are read as Martin wanted. A lot of characters dead on the Tv show are still alive in the books.
  9. Made the best xylo handle knives in Sheffield. I have a dozen of those knives. Look as good now as when new
  10. I used to do out work for John Biggin. Remember Mr Douglas who used to run the company for years. It was all moved to Roberts and Belks in the 1990s not nickel blanks as they were under the same ownership. The building is still there. They used to do some very high quality hotel cutlery for top hotels in London, Hilton, Grosvenor ect