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  1. Can't be because Ponds Forge wasn't opened until 1991, and indeed the sign on the verge is for the 1991 World Student Games. Supertram opened in 1994. Not sure exactly when construction of the viaduct started but it is probably a fair assumption say that photo was either 1991 or 92 as a result. However....what has that photo got to do with the rest of the others?....can't see any giants on it!....perhaps it was included in the OP by error @Killamarshian ?
  2. Kiki's was a major part of my formative years. I was underneath the NCP Wellington Street car park, which itself was under/incorporated into the 14 story BT Telecom House building (now the Strada student accommodation). Kiki's had two rooms. The main room had a capacity of around 600, with a side room that could take 120 (I know this specifically, as explained below). It was also connected via a staircase to the club upstairs.....known as Occasions at the time. Although they normally operated as separate clubs there were times when a single club night occupied both clubs. Occasions became the Fez club sometime around 1998. Kiki's also changed names (can't remember what to), and both were redeveloped under a Moroccan décor theme, but the basis structure of the club remained the same. Kiki's (or whatever it was called then) became the Matrix bar around 2001. The redevelopment completely transformed the place into your bog standard chrome, bright lights and multi-tv screen bar and eatery. It later became that lap dancing place. Some memorable periods and particular occasions for me in the place include: 1989ish - 1991ish - The Wednesday night club night - at the time when Club Superman was running up in Occasions on Saturday nights. Playing some of the Chicago house and garage and the Yorkshire bleeps and beats stuff that they did upstairs, but also some more laid back soulful stuff and hip-hop....it was midweek after all. One particular Wednesday night that stands out in my memory was the time the night was turned over to the i-D Magazine, who were doing a tour of the UK with this venture in to club nights. Boy George was DJ, at the very start of his career as a DJ and during the time of his Jesus Loves You/Hare Krishna shizzle. I had a chat with him (or rather a shout in each other's ears thing).....he was off his face and he told me I was a very nice looking boy (I was around 19 at the time)....he scared me a bit! 1995/6 - Waxlyrical on Sunday nights - held in the smaller room this was the first Sunday night club ever held in Sheffield. I was part of the team that put it on and DJ'ed at it. It was great while it lasted and we had to close the doors every week after the first couple of nights due to reaching capacity. 2002 - Bar Matrix - Word Cup England vs Argentina - Lunchtime boozing, Beckham's penalty....redemption for 1998 for him, redemption for us all for 1986!
  3. I didn't know no. The creative minds of bored teens eh...will seize on the most tenuous of links just to poke fun at authority. I'm pretty sure how Big Dan got his nickname. He must have been around when you were there? Think we have accidently hijacked a thread about threads!
  4. Ha. I was there '83-'88. In regards to Mr Moss this coincided with the animated TV series Moschops starting in '83. You can guess what Mr Moss' new nickname amongst the pupils became! Moschops (the real one) was a dinosaur...which made the nickname all the more fitting because Mr Moss (the real one) must have been approaching 60 by then. He was fit as a fiddle though, but seemed to suffer from small man syndrome, being about 5' 2". PS Oggy Jennet was still there when I went and came with a reputation of being a b*stard handed down from the older generations. He certainly lived up to it.
  5. What....no mention of Harrington jackets from Harringtons?! As a 9 year old, when I got mine, I used to think that they were only available from that store. Only realised years later that it was a ubiquitous style. I had completely forgotten about the ladders up to the loft space for trying things on. Now I recall it was a small space with a low ceiling that was open to the shop below and offered little more privacy than just getting your keks off in the middle of the shop? I had the burgundy sta prest trousers too. Loved them too. Up until the day that Mr Moss instructed me to climb up and close a window in the boys gym changing room at Ecco comp and as I jumped down the back pocket got caught on a clothes peg and ripped a 10" gash across the arse of them. Whish I'd told the short arsed moustacheiod bully to do it himself, but them he would have punched me in the stomach as was his signature move.
  6. Just found this after quick search. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/retro-pictures-the-music-factory-bed-palais-tiffany-s-the-locarno-can-you-spot-yourself-in-our-gallery-of-legendary-sheffield-nightspot-1-8632696#comments-area I don't recall it ever being 42nd Street, or Gatecrasher at the end, but turns out my memories were otherwise largely correct....which surprises me greatly!.
  7. 99% of the building itself was demolished, all apart from the façade and rotunda like entrance on the corner of London Road and Boston Street. Look at the OP photo and you can see the pitched roof and the external brick wall (painted white) that constituted the old building. It was a rectangular shape, the narrow side being pretty much the width of the façade on London Road, the longer side extending some 100 or so feet down Boston Street. I first went inside in the run up to Christmas 1988. I think (only think) it was called Locarno then, but had been called something else for some period before reclaiming the original name would explain you knowing it as Tiffany's?). Downstairs was a large space of double height (right up into that large pitched roof), with a long bar, MASSIVE dance floor and some seating areas. In the part of the building that fronted London Road were the toilets and a VIP room, which were single story, and a staircase (often closed off with doors) that led to the smaller second story above this. The second story had a medium sized room with dance floor and bar and then a smaller "chill out" room. The upstairs also had it's own independent entrance on London Road (where the cash machine can be seen in the modern photo), and would often host club nights independently of what was going on downstairs. The Lorcarno of the late 80s/early 90s was a "toiwnie" club...all very pop music and lots of larger being downed by blokes in shirts and ties. Things changed though when it became The Palais, around 91 (I think), where Chicago/Detroit house and garage music was the order of the day, with a much more dressed down and more drugged than boozed up crowd. It closed for a while and was then reincarnated as The Music Factory sometime around 1995 (I think). This was again a dance music focus, but perhaps a bit more "up class" and dressed up than The Palais days, as dance music as a whole had become more mainstream/big business. For the first couple of years it was hugely successful and queues would stretch long down Boston Street and often end up with a 1 in 1 out policy being imposed. There was often football related violence there at times unfortunately...sometimes between "supporters" of the Sheffield clubs, but more often between the "BBC" and the security staff and there was a long running feud which put many people off going (me included) and culminated in an incident where CS gas was let off inside, which obviously effected lots of people adversely and I think (again only think) led to it being closed down for a while by the authorities. It never quite regained its popularity and closed down again, before being re-opened as Bed. Things turned more studenty in the final couple of years in the downstairs, although upstairs hosted some great soul/funk/hip-hop nights.