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  1. I used to be in there every Thursday and Friday night at one bit. Mid/late 70s, coach loads of women from all over the north, best time of my life. An ex used to work behind the bar, I used to get a stein of lager for the price of a half. I could get ratted for £2. It got spoiled when it turned into a strip joint.
  2. I used to go to school with the Landlord's son, Stephen Pickering. That was in the mid 70s.
  3. Bridge Inn at Ford. Used to catch the 99 bus from Gleadless. 14 years old. The landlady used to say are you of age? For what I used to think. Yes love was my usual reply. 2 pints of lager get off the bus back to Gleadless. Go home creep upstairs and be sick. Strong lager in those days
  4. Slightly off topic. I remember when I used to work in town. We quite often went to the Dove and Rainbow at lunch time (circa 1980) Roger Moffat was always in with Ray Stewart and his wife/girlfriend. Mr Moffat had a walking stick with a bicycle bell on it. I asked him why, he said so he didn't run people down. Obvious really. Nutter
  5. I wouldn't fancy visiting those clubs in 1965. It looks like a third world country.
  6. I used to go to Fred Hartleys when I lived at Gleadless. Park round the back, if you were lucky your car still had it's wheels on when you got back.
  7. The fore runner to Romeo and Juliet's. Only went once and I don't remember owt about that! Anyone know what year it changed over?
  8. Romeos for me. Two rooms. One for pulling and the other for couples once they had pulled.
  9. Anyone remember the 5p a drink night on Tuesdays? Circa 1980. P***ed on 50p.
  10. Very near to the Hoffenbrau Bierkeller. Coach loads of young ladies in attendance. Happy days. Anyone have any photos of the Bierkeller? PS I was young then too.