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  1. Hi as a newbie to the forum - forgive me if this has been raised before but.. Does anyone know where this image was taken? It is outside a pit/colliery office and is in late 1915 or early 1916 and shows a group of Royal Marine Light Infantry. My guess is that it could be one of the Tinsley Park locations - my Grandfather and one of my Great Uncles worked there before they enlisted. I found the image being used on an information board in a CWGC cemetery in France near where another my Great Uncles went missing in November 1916. He was in the same battalion as my Grandfather but as far as I know didn't work in the colliery. One of the men in the image bears a striking resemblance to my father - so I am assuming he's 'one of us'. Any info would be helpful - thanks in anticipation.