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  1. Hi hilldweller. I am replying to your idea that the 'trough' was to 'stand milk churns in for collection'. I finally managed to catch the farmer and ask him. You were absolutely right, it was, as you said, and it is galvanised. Sorry! SteveHB, have to minus it from the 'Troughs' list.
  2. Hi unrecordings, this 2nd photo, is of the middle dam down Endcliffe Park, that was also a Boating Pond, but very shallow, especially at the narrow end.
  3. Hi Stu, that's a pity they not the right photo's. With the photo's taken with the bare ground around all those years ago, not easy to tell, as the Lodge can't be seen from among the trees now. I have informed Picture Sheffield that they are incorrect. I will do some more research for you, and ask my friend, who knows nearly everyone from way back around the area, if one of the families may have a photo. I understand that a family member of the farm, was a Redmires Game Keeper for a while, maybe he did some work for the Lodge. There are quite a few Old Maps showing the Lodge and the Green. Extra Information !!! - NEWSPAPER ARCHIVE - London Standard JAN 25th 1913 - Mr DANIEL DONCASTER age 77 of FAIRTHORN LODGE, REDMIRES, SHEFFIELD. Steel Manufacturer & Merchant. LATE of Messers; DANIEL DONCASTER and Sons (Limited ) - left bequests to Charities; net personality, £34,441 - £37,868
  4. Hi Stu, bit of info for you:- Father Daniel Doncaster b 1908 Sheffield - Mother Maria (Mallinson) b 1812 Daniel Doncaster b 29-11-1834 Upperthorpe, Sheffield - 1868 Married Mary Jane Miller ( she died 6-11-1916 Edinburgh) CHILDREN - Edwin Daniel D b 1872 Sheffield and Norman Miller D b 1874 Other address Green Bank, Victoria Road, Sheffield He died at Fairthorn Lodge - 7-10-1912 - and is buried in Christ Church, Fulwood HOPE THIS HELPS YOU Extra Information!!! Go to PICTURE SHEFFIELD - put in Fairthorn Lodge there are 2 PHOTOGRAPHS really good ones to.
  5. Hi southside. JOHN still has his Traction Engine there, he also has some Vintage Cars he takes to shows as well. Everyone knows him around the area, and if he's about, is more than happy to chat about the Engine, it's brilliant to see it all fired up. There are some old photo's of that property on Picture Sheffield, as well as some other views of Norton Lees Road which are pretty interesting.
  6. I remember buying a flat pink packet at a School Fete of what I thaught were sugar crystals. Put my finger in to suck the flavour! turned out it was 'Pink Blancmange Powder' UGH! - Once blew a giant pink 'Bubble of Bubble Gum'. The wind blew the bubble back into my hair. Oh what a mess! took ages to get out, with quite a bit of my hair by being cut. My Mum told me, that when visiting her cousins who lived near the railway in Chesterfield, they would put old 'Pennies On The Line', sit and wait till a train had gone past, then go and pick up the 'Flattened' coins. - She also told me that she ate 'COAL' as a little one. Wonder if that's why she lost all her teeth at 18.
  7. SAT 7th SEPT, 12 till 4, is The Langwith Show, it is held at Rhubarb Farm and the recreation ground next to it. The Farm helps and gives support to the disadvantaged and people with learning difficulties, they do a most wonderful job, and it is well worth supporting them. There will be plenty of stalls, offering a wide range of items for sale, as well as Games with Prizes. The Fun Dog Show, is always an attraction, and there is a brilliant live band, playing nostalgic favourites from yester year.There will be other live fun entertainment for all to enjoy, as well as the Show Tent, with all entered produce on display. There is a sit down Cafe at the Farm, and outside they sell their own grown produce and plants. Entry is £1 with a programme, ( under 14's free ) location:- Hardwick Street, Langwith, NG20 9DR
  8. Hi SteveHB, there is another now unused trough, noticed it this weekend. It is facing the 'top end' of Longline, on Sheep Hill Road, just after the bottom of the drive to the farm. It appears to have been rivited metal.
  9. Hi boginspro. Been back Norton Lees, and had a word with the gentleman volunteer historian in Bishops House, he was most intrigued about the Trough and Pump, we went to have another look at the black pipes.One has a screw cap on so must be some sort of inspection pipe, the other is bent at an angle, the man thinks it was the old post for a sign that was cut off !? We looked around for clues as to where the exact location might have been, the road was widened, taking up quite a bit of ground from when this picture was taken, that makes it a bit more tricky. He said he would try and find out a bit more about it, and when I go again, we will have an indepth search from photo's and maps. I did call at the house on the corner,and spoke to the owner explaining about the Trough and Pump, he said he didn't know about it, and had found nothing in his garden. There are quite a few feaures where digging has been done at some point.I will let you know.
  10. Hi jb, might be worth trying to look up some of the shop names. H.HARRIS one in the middle of the smaller shops. The tobacconist with Mitchells name on, and the hanging sign in the middle of the street is it FEVELLS Lounge Dining? Worth a go. The farthest bell tower, might not be a Church, several other buildings sometime had them on.
  11. Hi Paul, there seems to have been quite a few 'corner shops' around the area. My friends live opposite where there used to be one on the corner of Norton Lees Rd and Cliffe Field Rd. It closed late 70's, there are several photo's of it on Picture Sheffield. There was also a fab bakery and cake shop, 2 doors away from my Mum-in-law's on Norton Lees Rd, the smell from the back door was wonderful, it became a Hairdressers after the Bakers closed.
  12. Hi unrecordings, it is trees. There is clump in the Top Park, behind the old farm, and some huge ones at the top of the lane going down to the Forge, as well as some on the edge on the way down.
  13. Hi Paul. Asked my friends who live just up the road, they haven't heard their name mentioned, sorry! There is an elder gentleman age 89 who lives on Norton Lees Rd that my friends know, his Grandfather used to run the shop, early 20th c, he might know of them, my friends will ask for you. He has been talking to the film crew, as have my friends, and I was up this weekend, and got chance for a chat and look at the shop now it is dressed Victorian, brilliant work! got a few pics. They are filming over the next 2 weeks, as they alter the shop through time. It will be most interesting for everyone who knows that shop, to see how they depict it altering over the years, compared to what it actually was like. Don't know when it will be shown, but it's a must to watch.
  14. This year, the event is taking place on SAT the 31st AUG, and the gang have put so much in to the day, with a dance night as well. Throughout the day there will be DISPLAYS, ENTERTAINMENT, RE-ENACTMENTS, STALLS, VEHICLES, and probably a visit from one or two 'well known' people. Come and join in, and why not make the day even more special by dressing in your 40's style refinery. !! URGENT NOTICE !! THE 1940's 'DAYTIME' EVENTS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED, DUE TO TRAGIC UNFORSCENE CIRCUMSTANCES. THE ORGANISERS ARE DEEPLY SORRY, BUT THE 'EVENING' DANCE IS STILL ON. info:- Sat 31st Aug - TICKHILL 1940's SUPPER DANCE - at the SCOUT HEAD QUARTERS, ST MARY'S RD, TICKHILL TICKETS £15 including LIGHT SUPPER and ENTERTAINMENT from MARINA MAE and re-en: ''GEORGE FORMBY'' there will also be a BAR and a CAKE COMPETITION=( recipe from Janice or Lesley ) = and a RAFFLE - a prize will also be up for BEST 40's COSTUME. Admission from approx 7-7.30 - Please ring for tickets:- JANICE 07590 455340 or LESLEY 07721 583681. Please Support these lovely people if you can. Thanks
  15. Hi johnm, yes, I remember reading your write-up about the Sharrow Vale Chapel building 2012. Around that time there seems to have been a bit of a debate, between other people as to if it was that one, or one from another location. Personally, I can't see that it makes any difference where they came from, the important thing is they were re-used for a good purpose, and the enjoyment of many. To my knowledge here have been 4 constructions in that area over time, and our understanding is that the one in place today, was the old wooden Walkley Methodist Hall, delivered by horse and cart to the Forge.
  16. Hi CharB, been up to my friends at Norton Lees, walked down to look at the larger 'Corner Shop' corner of , Derbyshire Lane& Norton Lees Rd. We see that progress is been made on restoring the look of the shop, the canopy trimmings round the top of the premises are brilliant, can't wait to see it when it's finished looking like it used to be.
  17. Hi John, it's possible this is Forge Dam, but it's square, where as this dam appears long, narrowing down at the top left, over shadowed by trees, where it is very shallow, hence the notice. I think the rowing dam in Endcliffe is a good candidate.
  18. Hi again Steve, re:- the Cafe or TEA ROOM as it was known. If you look on Picture Sheffield, at the old photo's of Forge Dam, you will see on picture Ref: s10414 it used to be in the LOWER GARDEN, just where Nick has the tables and chairs now. Once you realise it's there, you notice it on a lot of other photo's. An old village lady told me years ago, as a little girl dressed in Sunday best on a nice day, the family walked down to 'Take Tea' in the 'Tea Room' in the rose garden, accessed through a little gate from the lower park. Bet it was beautiful.
  19. Interesting info Unrecordings, never heard that in my Mum's 52yrs living in the hamlet, but who knows! Regarding postcards, I own a beautiful hand coloured one, taken early 1900s, of the Forge entrance. It's looking towards the little bridge under the driveway, with a wooden hand painted TEA ROOM sign, just above the small river wall on the right.
  20. Hi Southside, you're right, there was 'never' a Dam island. It developed after they tried to make a silt trap up the river, it 'didn't work' in fact it made it worse, hence the island, then of course they were short of money, so it ended up being left as a haven for the ducks. I contacted the Parks Dept once, about the 'silt heaps' from the river that had been dumped on the 'grass lawn' that 'was' by Carr Bridge, at the side of the path, they said the company who'd been contracted to take it away had gone bust, so it was left. So the lovely summer 'picnic area' for many families was lost. It's great for wildlife now, but if you look closely, where the bushes are growing from, you can still see the 'heap shapes'.
  21. Hi Unrecordings, lovely photos of the Forge, Picture Sheffield has some great ones in their collection. Growing up opposite, it was the playground of my friends and I, we witnessed the suttle changes around in our time, but nothing like the changes locals saw, when the suburban housing projected was underway around 1900. It had been prior to then a picturesque rural landworking area, it must have been very hard to see their beautiful countryside views, disapear under a sea of houses.
  22. Hi Steve, my guess is you haven't been up to Forge Dam since a child. Yes, the Cafe is still there. It now has a canopy over the seating area outside, the trees opposite have been cleared, providing an open grassed area for tables and chairs in nice weather. The slot machines were removed a while ago, as the bank side was having work done on it. Nick Dunn who runs the Cafe now, is the Grandson of Charles and Jean Chapman, who ran it a while back for around 30yrs, and Nick is very proud to have been able to aquire the chance a few years ago, to come back and run the Cafe, following in his Grandad's footsteps.
  23. Hi Keith, yes, you are right. I have a selection of books written about the Chapel over many years, and find that write-up notes from various other authors on-line, do get their 'wires crossed'. I remember Mr and Mrs Sokell very well, they were there in the 1950's when I first went to Sunday School age 4, they lived in the Chapel House, until he passed away, and Mrs Sokell went to live with her Sister up the lane. If anyone wants to verify the Chapel Ministers, they are listed on a board inside the Chapel. ( I have noticed, Wiki are particularly bad at small errors of info involving local area subjects. I don't know where they get the info, but they really need to 'double-check' it a bit more. If people use Wiki as the source of info to do write-ups, there is no wonder they get things wrong.)
  24. If you are looking for an event to visit this JULY, there is :- GLOSSOP CARNIVAL in Manor Park, SAT 6th & SUN 7th, with allsorts of attractions including, Live Music, Displays, Fun Fair, Mini Train Ride, Classic Cars, Tea Tent, Bar, Stalls. STANNINGTON CARNIVAL Pavillion Field, SAT 13th, Lots of Assorted Stalls to Browse, Live Entertainment, Arena Displays, Assorted Refreshments. https://www.eventyas.com/GB/Sheffield/Stannington-Carnival-2019