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  1. Hi boginspro. Yes, i know what you mean. The group of old cottages where i grew up, have had 3 name changes. Another annoying thing is, that during the 1841 - 1901 census, when they were under the 2nd name, the cottage numbers weren't written by each family, so i have no idea who lived in which cottage. It's so frustrating. Also the area they were quoted as being in at different times, changed as well. You really have to 'think outside the box' sometimes, and explore all possible avenues. I have learned to make a note of everything that is of possible interest, which has paid off, when later, i've found something that matches up. Research is hard but interesting work isn't it, and when you do 'find' what you have been looking for, that 'urika' moment is brill.
  2. Has anyone else had research problems, due to Roads, Lanes or Buildings having 'Name Changes'. I was three weeks trying to find somewhere, I roughly knew where it was, but all my research hit a dead end. That is until a chance 'Picture' on a web site that had nothing to do with what I was searching for, showed the building, and the writeup on the site happened to include saying the name of what it was previously known as. If it wasn't for that bit of luck, I would probably still be looking. I also found looking for the name of a Farm which I knew existed on a 'Lane', that the Lane name had been changed to a 'Road' bearing no named resemblance at all.
  3. Hi there, I support 'surrjohn' in his findings, as I have just looked up for sure the TYSON STEEL and FILE CO, it is DEFINITELY FITZWILLIAM ST.
  4. Thanks boginspro for the info. I was only little at the time of the photo, only thing I do remember is the 'Flower Seller' seen at the top. If going to Gran's on a Saturday, Mum and I would buy some from him to take up to her.
  5. I agree with Thorntons girl that it is a lovely photo of the fountain and island. This was one of the most photographed town center attractions at the time, especially in summer, loads of visitors could be seen stood around the pavements, trying to get a good view point. When it was planted up with the vibrant coloured flowers it was fab during the day. Then at night, with it's alternating coloured lights reflecting in the water, it was quite a stunning attraction.
  6. Thanks tozzin. I don't remember it myself, but I remember seeing an old card record sleeve with that quote on, and was sure the address was Dixon Lane.
  7. Yea, I agree with Gamal. Peace Gardens (or Millenium Gardens.)
  8. Am I right in thinking that 'Cann Cann the Music Man' shop used to be on Dixon Lane ?
  9. Hia. Would say the old photo of Pinstone Street, is 1910-1915, going by the fashion styles.
  10. Snig Hill upto the Co-op, Angel Street up from there. The derelict looking shops middle left, I remember used to have a Cafe there in the 60s. If we had missed our bus, being half an hour till the next one, Mum would take me in there for a drink.
  11. Hi simon.r, nice pics of the machines. Good on you for the rescue of them. It's amazing to start a topic that gets everyone talking, and thinking of things from their past, and to know they remember what you do and more. It's also nice to find out that not everything has 'disappeared' entirely.
  12. Do you remember the 'Slot Machines' that were fixed to walls all around town. As a little one, Mum would put a 'Sixpenny Bit' in a Chocolate machine, that was on the curve of a wall going up the hill from Pond Street, on the left. It was on the corner of a street where the 'Bingo' place was built There were many others, where you could aquire not only Chocolate, but Cigaretts, Stamps and Chewing Gum. The indoor wall ones, would also supply you with Soap, Toothpaste, Condoms, and Tampax. I don't know why, but they seemed to suddeny 'disappear'. Just recently, I have noticed that some Motorway Service Toilets, have had some installed.
  13. In direct answer to the question, NO THEY ARE NOT. The planning panel are mostly unqualified to make an individual true assesment of the plan put forward in a sensitive conservation area. They read the paperwork proposals, but unless they have actually been to the area, and investigated how a planned building will affect the 'neighbouring properties', and talked to 'local people', directly taking on board the issues they have, they truly are NOT respectful of the reason WHY it is a CONSERVATION AREA. It was made a CONSERVATION AREA for a REASON. We all know of heritage buildings and areas lost to this WONDERFUL CITY, by past planning panels shocking decisions.
  14. Yes, it is a real treat to see the art of a good bricklayer. Features like this often go unobserved, till some good person notices one day, that a skilled hand has created something unique in our midst. Good on you Shumack ! I was told years ago, by a Sheffield Historian, that 'people don't look up enough, and see what beautiful work is on our buildings'. He was absolutely right, it made me start to take notice, of the incredible and intricate artwork and detailed patterned facades around some of our vintage buildings. The modern buildings in comparison are rather boring.