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  1. City of Sheffield Lancaster Bomber painting

    Hi Athy. You are absolutely right, when the youngsters of that era joined the services, they grew up 'very quick'. When you think that Guy Gibson was the same age or younger than some of his squadron crews, and yet he had all that responsibility. I have heard it said that the average age of pilot back then was 19. A sobering thaught.
  2. Is this the perfect Sheffield meal?

    I must agree with danny1958, i've never seen this anywhere i've been either. I can understand Bread with the Chips if you're making a Butty, but I mean, Bread with Pastry ?? Yes! Pie, Chips and Mushy Peas, but in a carton, dish or on a plate with gravy on, so you can at least eat it with a fork. I also agree with Unitedite Returns that the Pie looks positively under cooked, I'd have sent it back.
  3. Brilliant! One of my favourite subjects Sweets. When I was at Fulwood Infant School, there was a little Hut Shop down the hill on the way home, it sold a bit of everything and kiddies sweets, so we all went in there. Then opposite Nether Green Junior school was a Sweet Shop with a counter packed with loads of 'em. Some of the sweets sold then you can still get today, but it's fun remembering what we used to buy. I've searched my brain archive for this list. Enjoy! Aniseed Balls-Aniseed Rock-Bar Six-Black Jacks-Blubird Toffee-Bulls Eyes Gob Stoppers-Buttersnap Cadbury's Bliss Bar ( their ad quote was "6pence worth of heaven" ) Candy Cigaretts-Candy Letters-Candy Necklaces Candy Foam Bananas & Shrimps-Cherry Lips-Choc Cigars-Choc Mice-Coconut Tobacco-Cola Bottles Coltsfoot Rock-Drumstick Lollipops-Firemens Hoses-Five Boys Choc Bar-Flying Saucers-Fruit Salad Liquorice Nips-Liquorice Pontefract Cakes-Liquorice Root-Liquorice Swirls-Liquorice Torpedoes-Love Hearts-Lucky Bags ( had a mix of sweets and a toy in ) Milk Bottles-Opal Fruits ( their ad quote was "made to make your mouth water" ) Parma Violets-Peanut Brittle-Penny Arrow Bar-Pineapple Cubes-Polo Fruits-Rainbow Buttons-Rainbow Drops-Rainbow Crystals-Red Laces-Refreshers Pack & Lollipop-Rhubarb & Custart boiled sweet-Rice Paper Satin Pillows-Sherbet Dab-Sherbet Fountain-Sherbet Lemons boiled sweet-Sherbet Pips-Spangles-Squirrel Nuts-Strawberry & Cream boiled sweet-Sweet Fish boiled sweet-Swizzle Lollipop. At Christmas we had = Choc Coins-Sugar Mice-Sugared Almonds, and hanging tree decorations = Choc Father Christmas-Choc Snowmen Choc Trees-Choc Umbrellas cone shaped, hanging by a hooked plastic handle. I do remember lots of other sweets, but not that I would usually buy, or had the money to. Our real Christmas treat was a tin of Quality Street and a box of Elizabeth Shaws Mint Crisp chocolates.
  4. The Sheffield Star Walk

    I remember walking along Ringinglow Road once with Mum, heading for Whirlow Park. When a group of guys in white vests and shorts, came hurtling up the road towards the Round House, doing the most peculiar movement. Not a walk and not a run, but certainly moving at speed. Having never seen this action before, I asked Mum what they were doing, she said they were practicing for the 'STAR WALK'. - It was said they gave up doing the Star Walk, due to diminishing numbers taking part, but I was also told, health experts 'had concerns' that this style of movement, on hard tarmac roads, could cause long term damage to their hips. I guess it's possible!
  5. Sheffield Town Hall, Town Hall Extension 1983

    Ah yes! the 'EGG BOX'. My sister-in-law's office moved in there for a few years, she said it was the most 'Ugly', 'Miserable' 'Dark' 'Depressing' building she had ever had to work in. And if my Mum had to go there for anything she hated it, said it looked more like a prison, than part of the Town Hall.Think a lot of folks were glad when it went.
  6. Anyone remember this in the Sheaf Markets?

    I also remember them being in the 'rag n tag' market very well. They were in the covered part, and were polished brass, must have been quite a weight. An old lady sat on a chair by the side of them, then when you paid her, she helped you sit still on the seat for the correct weight. She was there for years.
  7. Royal Infirmary Hospital

    I remember the Rotunda waiting area very well, until i was 15, it was always cold. I had to attend the eye clinic every 6 months. When I was 2, I had a Cist taken off my right pupil at the Childrens hospital, scar tissue left the eye blind for a while. I regained some partial blurred vision, but the op left the muscle weak and my eye wandered, so they sent me to the Infirmary for checkups and exercises. I remember sitting on a very high stool, putting my chin on a metal plate, looking through 2 big round eye glasses at pictures, then by holding a handle either side, you had to put a dog in a kennel, or a soilder in a centry box. I'd often come out with the old 'Pink' eye patch on, but it didn't stay on for long! My favourite bit of going there, was the treat of visiting the Cafe, I seem to remember it was like a long cabin outside, not far from the entrance.
  8. Bakeries

    Do you remember the musical rhym in their adverts " Better Fetch a Fletcher Loaf ", always remember that. When my daughter was young, we couldn't pass a Fletcher's shop without going in and getting a 'Mini Loaf' and some of their 'Iced Top Tarts', Lemon, Chocolate, and Bakewell with a cherry on top. Oooohhh! Lovely!
  9. City of Sheffield Lancaster Bomber painting

    The LANCASTER seems to touch the hearts of many people, young and old. So many families have a story to tell, about someone connected in some way, to one of the best known aircraft of WW2. Mum joined the W.A.A.F. in Jan 1942. After her training, she went to RAF SWINDERBY in Lincolnshire, that's the base where she encountered the 'LANC'. From 29th June '42, 50 Squadron were stationed there till the October, when they returned to Skellingthorpe. Mum was then transferred to Staverton, and finally Finningley, neither of these had Lancasters, but she said there was something about the 'LANC' above all the other aircraft, that just got to you. - On the eve of her Wedding, her Fiance's family got a telegram, saying his Brother-in-law was missing, he was a Lancaster pilot. They found out later, the engines had been shot up after a bombing raid over Germany, he managed to fly back up to a few miles off the coast, when the engines failed. She went down killing all but one crew member, the Tail Gunner who'd jumped out, landing away from where she crashed into the sea. - In 1955 when i was 2, a Memorial Flight came over our cottage, flying very low going up to the Derwent, Mum said I pulled her out of the kitchen to look at it. - This being my story, and having seen the 'LANC' flying past many times, I had the most amazing gift of being able to do the 'TAXI RUN' in 'The CITY of SHEFFIELD' at East Kirkby. Just to feel the power of the engines stirs the emotions. Something I will never forget.
  10. Anyone Remember Gloops?

    Seeing the name GLOOPS, prompted me to look in my Mum's 'special box' that I have, as I remembered something in it with that name on. Sure enough, I have a GLOOPS CLUB certificate with membership number 522,231. It has no date on it, surprisingly, but accompanying it, is a Star paper clipping of Gloops Club Corner, written by AUNT EDITH. In it she mentions several children, then 'little me', referred to as .... a charming little four year old with dark curls .... that would be 1957. She went on to say .... she wanted me to see her dolly and to bring 2s.6d. for the Gloops Fund. The dolly is lovely and my thanks for the donation. It dosen't sound much money now, but back then it was quite a lot. I can't say I remember going there that day, but I do remember going to a party somewhere in town. When the Club actually finished I don't know, but as for GLOOPS appearance at many Charity and Community events, the last one I know of, was in 1995 at the City Hall, where they were having a VE DAY CELEBRATION.
  11. The Redmires Ridge

    Hi CANTERBURY, in answer to your earlier request that I found. There were 2 track ways from Sheffield, going by the Fulwood area leading out to Hathersage. One was over Ringinglow Moor and Burbage, the other was 'LONG CAUSEY' going through REDMIRES and STANEDGE. They certainly would be the main trade routes.( re:- 1795 Fairbank map of Sheffield ) There were a lot of Irish workmen building the reservoirs, a pub called the Grouse and Trout, near the dams, was frequented by the men, where many a fight broke out after a good drinking session.
  12. My friend and I, went to see SLADE in the early '70s. We were about 12' from the stage and it was brill ! They were a real proper Glitz and Glam band, full of colour and sparkle, and the clothes were just WOW ! Noddy Holder was great, he got everybody of all ages, enthused in clapping, swaying, and singing the words. Can't remember how many encores they had. It was a really wonderful, unforgetable night.
  13. The ABC, what a brilliant Cinema. When you walked through the doors into the auditorium, it was a real treat, you knew it was going to be good. The most memorable films for me there were:- 1976 The Slipper and the Rose, ( it's basically a beautiful film of the Cinderella story ) starring Gemma Craven and Richard Chamberlain, with a host of other stars including, Annette Crosbie, Michael Hordern, Margaret Lockwood and Kenneth More. Then, we took our daughter to see E.T in 1982 I don't know who cried the most between us. As we walked down the stairs on the way out, with red eyes and tissues, people we passed on their way in, were saying "it must be a good film, look at 'em all". We bought a beautiful 12" Soft Toy E.T as a keepsake, which we still have.
  14. Fargate in Sheffield City Centre circa 1900

    Hi Voldy, it certainly looks like some kind of survey, it is most probably for more tram lines as you say, but you could also be right about a Royal visit, as Picture Sheffield have now got a series of prints on, of the Royal visit to Sheffield in 1905 by King Edward and Queen Alexandra. Maybe we will never get to know the real answer
  15. The Empire Theatre

    My Mum told me this story many times. 7th Dec 1940, at the family home, Mum was getting ready for her Fiance Arty, to call and take her to the EMPIRE to see Henry Hall's Band. But instead, his friend called with a message saying sorry! Arty's leg was playing up, ( he suffered from painful ulcerations ) and he needed to rest it. Mum was obviously dissapointed, but knew what it was like for him. Her brother Ray, home on leave from the Army, and had gone to town with his mates. A little after 7pm the sirens went, Mum, her 2 sisters and their Mother went down the cellar till the all clear. It was getting late, when Ray arrived home in a state. Very upset, and filthy from head to foot. He said after the all clear, he and his mates came out of the shelter, to find the EMPIRE, had taken a direct hit on the stage and dressing rooms, causing a fire at the rear of the building. They went to help the emergency services, clear rubble, and pull out anybody they could find. Sadly, some of Henry's band were killed. Mum said she had a good cry with the shock of it, knowing her and Arty would have been there. It was rumoured, that Henry Hall had been killed, but a few days later, he was on the Radio Music Programme, with the introduction " THIS IS HENRY HALL SPEAKING".