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  1. Heartshome

    One Emergency Dentist for Sheffield

    Hi History dude, you are absolutely right, it is totally crazy. For one thing, not everyone can drive to get there, or they don't have the money for a taxi there and back, if they live over the other side of the City. And getting there by bus, apart from trying to find out which bus/busses you need, the length of time it takes when you are in pain, is a nightmare. Really, something should be done about it, at least have another one serving people at the opposite side of the City.
  2. Heartshome

    Banner Name

    Hi boginspro, thankyou very much for taking the trouble to send the info. I have just switched on, to find a NEW PICTURE courtesy of SH, and brilliant it is to, our lovely Coat of Arms, what a great idea thankyou SH.
  3. Heartshome

    Banner Name

    Hia thankyou very much. Could you tell me how to refresh the page please, as I have no idea, I'm still learning. Don't know how to put pictures on yet either, but one day i'll get there.
  4. Heartshome

    Banner Name

    Hi tozzin, being a MASSIVE partaker and re-enacter at 1940s events, as far as I'm aware, the only Lancaster with the Sheffield Coat of Arms, is at East Kirkby Museum, where she is a 'taxi run attraction', I have had the privilege of going on her with my cousin. They started trying to find the parts to make her flyable again at some point, but at this point the only other 2 flying ones I know of are, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, and the Canadaian one.
  5. Heartshome

    Banner Name

    Hi everyone, I agree with you tozzin, it's 'brilliant', fresh and bold. Inkeeping with the new banner, please can we now have something other than the 'white head' man by our info. Thanks
  6. Heartshome

    Good Old Jumble Sales

    Yea, 'been there' with my daughter, used to tell her she she had to make room for 'New Toys' on her Birthday, it seemed to work. I still love to go to Jumble Sales, there is always something you can find. Ended up from one with new boots £1, new shoes £1, and a thick winter red jacket for 50p. Cant go wrong at that !
  7. Heartshome

    Gravestones used as pavements

    Hia, I understand your disgust at this, I agree they should have been put 'somewhere' shall we say a little more discrete. But this situation happens everywhere, as time goes on and land areas change, I'm afraid decisions are made by powers in charge, that Grave Stones so old will have no one left to visit them, and therefore are removed or put to other uses. It also happens sometimes for various reasons, complete Graves are removed from their 'resting place', then Re-buried else where. This operation is usually documented by Clergy and Council, confusing Family Researchers. This happened at St Mary's in town, and Derwent Village Church when they built the dam. It's sad, but unfortunately a 'sign of the times'.
  8. Wow, yes, these are the shops I remember, brilliant pictures. I dont know which shop Mum got the material from, it would have been early 1960s, they were ' Off Cuts' having paper labels with the size and price on, they were on the left hand side on a small counter top. - I guess the Cake/Sweet Shop I remembered was Thorntons. Thanks for that.
  9. Heartshome

    Good Old Jumble Sales

    To Right ! you could make 6 pence go a long way and come out with a bag full of stuff !!
  10. Hi lysander, I agree with you that the Peace Gardens was a lovely oasis in the centre of town, with the colourful plants and a place to sit and rest for a while. While the new gardens are ok, they don't have that graceful character. The 'Egg Box' is mentioned in several places on here, comments about it would benefit by being put together. It seems a general opinion that the building was an 'eye sore', and as I wrote on one of the posts, It was not a nice place to work in either, my Sister-in -law ended up working there for a time, she said it was dark, miserable, depressing and badly set out, she was glad when she was able to leave. I have heard it mentioned by several Sheffielders that it looked like a 'Prison'.
  11. Hi Hopman, if the shops are the ones i'm thinking of, Mum said they were put up after the War Blitz destruction. I remember there was a Dress Fabric Shop Mum used to go in, and I think a Cake/Sweet Shop. Opposite side of the road to them was a Pub and a Butchers.
  12. Heartshome

    Ancient Sheffield district names

    Good point lysander. We just know and accept the area names we have in the Sheffield district now, without realising it was not always so, due to past ownership of land changing hands over time.
  13. Heartshome

    Ancient Sheffield district names

    Hi ThemWotDays, interesting reading. I've done a bit of research on old names around my local area, and I agree that some names are 'Spelt Different' several times, I think it depended on 'Who' was writing them, and 'How' they interpreted the name they 'Heard'. I've found that FULWOOD had around 7 different spellings over time, and that you could also find an area name like 'BOLE HILLS' in several different places, making research very confusing. It was also frustrating at the begining of my searches, trying to find somewhere under Sheffield Yorkshire, till I discovered what I was looking for was under Derbyshire, as you have mentioned, you don't realise the extent of the border. A few old local names that I came accross were:- WHITLAIE WODDE = Whiteley Wood, - ANGRAM = Hangram Lane, - CRIMEKER = Crimicar Lane. On investigating Our Local History, once your hooked it's fascinating what you discover, and after all, our past is what's made us who we are today.
  14. Heartshome

    Marti Caine

    Remember seeing Marti one night at the Marples, they had a tiny little stage in one corner of the room, but when she came on she lit up the whole place, and had everyone rolling with laughter, she was FAB. Saw her again at the Fiesta, she was the compare, dressed in the most beautiful pink sequined jacket, she looked a million dollars, her bubbly personality brought such energy to the night and brightened everybody up. A lovely Lady.
  15. Heartshome

    Good Old Jumble Sales

    Hi lysander, Iv'e been looking on Jumble / Tabletop event listings for what's going on around and about, and there seems to be a Jumble on somewhere regularly, might be worth checking it out to see if there's one near you. There's nothing like a good old rummage, you never know what your'e going to find !