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  1. There’s a small thread on Fanny’s in Sheffield Nightclub section
  2. paulhib48

    The Road to Monyash

    This reminds me of the old story that someone requested a local radio station to play the song ‘ Wide eyed and Legless ’ by Andy Fairweather Low but thought it was called ‘ Wybourn and Gleadless ‘
  3. paulhib48

    Which pub did you first get served in?!

    The Waggon was a popular hang out for people going to Dobcroft Youth Club back in the late 60s. I think it’s fair to assume that there would have been a fair amount of underage drinkers being served on a regular basis. Would the pub on Chesterfield Rd have been the Abbey?
  4. paulhib48

    Anyone remember Sarsaparilla ?

    Went regularly to the Abbeydale Rd ‘ Sass Shop’ Often after a trip to Abbeydale Pictures, Heeley Baths or trainspotting at Millhouses Sheds. Never seemed to have enough go buy a six penny one which was served in a dimpled, handled beer glass. i remember years later taking my kids to an early McDonalds and saying you’ve got to try the Root Beer cos that’s Sarsaparilla like I used to have. It was vile. Tasted like mouthwash. I once bought some cordial but that was nothing like it either. The taste of real draught Sarsaparilla is now consigned to tastes of my childhood never to be experienced again.
  5. paulhib48

    HARRINGTONS Jeans in Castle Market Sheffield

    Wasn’t Harrington’s originally on Waingate in the 60s opposite Castle Market or was that another clothes shop?Didnt go there much but went to Winstons on Snig Hill and Harry Fenton on Chapel Walk for my really trendy gear
  6. paulhib48

    Philip CANN music and record shop

    Hi Ginger. There’s a photo on Picture Sheffield of that very row of shops ( S00213 ). Sorry I’ve not got the nous to reproduce it on here. Sharps, Schofields, Lewis Leathers, Theatrical Supplies, Thornton’s and Isidore Newman’s is all I can make out. Wasnt Red Circle Libraries in that block across from there or was that further up?
  7. paulhib48

    Sheffield Wednesday 1966 Cup Final Team

    That’s right dunsby. In many ways it was better than playing in that awful kit that we’ve managed to recreate for this memorable season! I think they were happy to play in all white and considered it lucky. I went to every round bar the first match at Reading. I think if Mobley hadn’t got injured in the semi v Chelsea that they’d have gone on to win it. They were on the cusp of being a great side but when the freescoring David Ford got injured in that fatal car crash the season after they seemed to lose their way
  8. paulhib48

    Wesley College, Glossop Road

    Wesley College later became King Edward VII Grammar School as you may or may not know. Maybe their records might include those of Wesley College? No idea if that’s the case but was just a thought
  9. paulhib48

    WH SMITHS Location

    WH Smith had a large wholesale warehouse in the 60s and 70s just beyond the forecourt of the Midland Station. It was part of the huge block of offices that I believe belonged to British Rail. It took up most of the ground floor They provided retail newsagents with newspapers and magazines and everything from stationery and toys to fancy goods.
  10. PIPPY’S I’m sure
  11. paulhib48

    Philip CANN music and record shop

    Hi Ginger. Can you remember the older, grey haired, very staid lady who appeared to be in charge of the Record Dept at Chapel Walk round about that time? You’d go in a booth to hear a record played then go to the counter and wait for it to be taken off a turntable. She would announce each record as she took it off and her posh pronunciation of the record titles used to have us in stitches. I remember too going to Lewis Leathers in that row of temporary shops at the bottom of the Moor. I’m sure there was a Thornton’s Chocolate Kabin on there as well
  12. Hi boginspro. I’m not at all knocking the site. I really wouldn’t have joined if I didn’t think it was worthwhile. Neil does an excellent job and does try to please everybody. Regarding your comments re History and Expats on Sheffield Forum, I really do believe that the vast majority log on to these sites to reminisce about modern history. That means that memories of the 50s and onwards are where most people’s interests lie and they’re the threads that get the most response. Im nearly 70 and a proud Sheffielder. I’m interested in all things related to our city’s history but reminiscing is really what most of us like to do. The reason I’ve joined is because it offers something that SF doesn’t. I just feel that on here you can post and post and if you get no reaction then ultimately you’ll lose interest in posting at all. With Neil’s other site, the Matchday Section is by far the most popular and though he tries to divert things into different sections that isnt popular I don’t believe that most people are aware of Unread Content or other functions. They google Sheffield History then hit on the most frequented section which is the Chat Section and even if they join they may not use those functions. I believe that you’re a longtime regular poster on here and I really don’t want to upset the status quo. I just think that a lot of people could be encouraged to post with a more stripped down format.
  13. As stated earlier, Neil, I think maybe there are too many sections. You lured me here from OT and it’s surprising how few people are online at any one time in comparison. I also do History and Expats on Sheffield Forum where everything is just in one section and the response rate is a lot higher. I’ve posted in 4 different sections since I joined this week and it seems to me that people can’t be bothered to search through them all.
  14. paulhib48

    Hofbrauhaus in Sheffield city centre

    I seem to remember going there one Friday lunch and there was a stripper on. Bit of an anticlimax to be honest My ex wife was a Schnapps girl there for a couple of weeks when it first opened
  15. paulhib48

    WILSON PECK music shop

    Used to go there to get tickets for the City Hall. They had a booking office downstairs. 3 of us got in serious bother for sneaking out of King Teds at lunchtime to get tickets for the Beatles and got spotted by a teacher. Tended to buy most of my music from Canns as they seemed to have more choice than Wilson Peck.