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  1. There was definitely a server problem between Saturday and Sunday that affected this site and Owlstalk the owners other site. It seemed to affect people in different ways and over different periods of time.
  2. It’s hosted various dealerships. It was TC Harrison’s in the early 70s and I can remember going there to look at a Renault in the 80s so I guess it was someone else then
  3. I always seemed to be in the reverse situation. I’d get to the top of the steps after being in town and see the no 45 Totley bus stood at the stop and hurtle down the steps and across Pond St so as not to miss it.
  4. Boring Chemistry lesson in the labs of a top Sheffield Grammar School in the early 60s. Schoolmate decides to poke the sharp end of his compass in a power point. Bang and flash and mate hurled backwards off his stool and onto the floor. Teacher comes over, picks him up and immediately sends him to fetch the cane. Mate staggers off, still in shock, fetches cane and gets 6 of the best in the corridor. Ah, those were the days! Mind you, as far as I know, he never stuck his compass in a power point again !
  5. Hi Heartshome. Thank you for your response. Fred and Sheila had the shop late 60s early 70s if my memory serves me correctly. It was a traditional off licence. I knew them cos they used to socialise a lot with friends we had that ran another corner shop in the area. It was called Husseys and was on the corner of Welby Place and CliffeField Rd. It was run by Mary Robinson and had been her mother’s shop, I believe. Now that was a classic corner shop where they just sat in the parlour till the door bell rang and after a certain time they just knocked on the back door if they wanted anything. Literally Open all Hours.
  6. Does anyone remember this Beer Off when Fred and Sheila Wright had it in the early 70s?
  7. Great stuff, James. Its been a few years since we used to do the Riverside, Kelham and Gardeners on a regular basis. Probably stopped going round about the time of the flood when the Gardeners was completely trashed. Heard from our kids about the great scene that had developed in our absence, Cutlery Works in particular. Having seen your vid we’re definitely going to give it another shot.
  8. Me too, mate, and I was still going in Michels !
  9. It’s the most frustrating of sites. It’s the only forum I know where someone asks a question and if you respond to it, you can wait a lifetime for any further activity on that thread. I’ve more or less given up on it now. Good job you weren’t desperate for a quick answer, Zeb.
  10. The burger bar on Glossop Rd was Bartons. Im pretty sure it was in the premises that were previously VAT 1 wine bar.
  11. Living in Totley in the 50s, the main source of all our provisions was the Coop on Baslow Rd. It was the classic old style building with 3 separate shops. General groceries, butchers and greengrocers. Can still smell the sawdust on the floor and our Coop number and my date of birth are about the only 2 combinations of numbers I can still always remember.
  12. Michels was a trendy place to meet back then and it continued as a bar under various ownerships till it finally succumbed a couple of years ago. Sadly Beauchief Hotel is now being converted into flats and the car park an upmarket housing development. When I first moved to the area in the 60s it was a bowling green. Can anyone remember, comparatively recently, the ‘ party nights’ that were held in the bar on Friday/ Saturdays that got shut down after a short period cos of the noise and general mayhem they caused. A heady mix of cougars, ten bob millionaires and lads from the boozers on Woodseats ?
  13. There’s a small thread on Fanny’s in Sheffield Nightclub section
  14. This reminds me of the old story that someone requested a local radio station to play the song ‘ Wide eyed and Legless ’ by Andy Fairweather Low but thought it was called ‘ Wybourn and Gleadless ‘
  15. The Waggon was a popular hang out for people going to Dobcroft Youth Club back in the late 60s. I think it’s fair to assume that there would have been a fair amount of underage drinkers being served on a regular basis. Would the pub on Chesterfield Rd have been the Abbey?