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  1. Thanks for these Syrup. It's a real shame that there weren't any photographs to accompany the articles. It would have been the jackpot!
  2. Thanks Heartshome. I've sent you a private message with some more background regarding my interest etc. It would be great to find out if any photographs exist in private collections. I've started to reach out to the families at local farms also....
  3. Yes, they are the photos that show Fairthorn Green. You can see from the photographs that they are taken looking down/across the byway to Stanage Pole with the upper reservoir in the background. That view isn't possible from Fairthorn Lodge.
  4. Hi Heartshome. That's very kind of you, thanks! I'm afraid the photos on picture Sheffield are incorrectly labelled. They actually show Fairthorn Green/Fairthorn Farm (which was used as a children's convalescent home before it moved to Dore - you may have seen other threads on here and on Sheffield Forum) . This building was a lot closer to the reservoir and on the corner between Long Causeway and the byway leading to Stanage Pole. It was demolished quite a few years ago. Best wishes, Stu
  5. Hi All. I'm researching the history of Fairthorn Lodge (Redmires) that was built by Daniel Doncaster as a hunting lodge in 1893. I was hoping that some local historians on here might have some info or even photographs of what the house and gardens used to look like in its heyday. Does anyone know of any books/resources concerning the Doncaster family that might have family portraits/photographs that could have been taken at the house? It is my understanding that Daniel Doncaster III lived at Faithorn Lodge until his death in 1912. Any information gratefully received.