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  1. No it' not the gas house we pulled that down the gas house was on the opposite side. Of the road where the lesiure baths stands today. The gas house was a brick building with an ornate stone corner had a top like the town hall and a archway. We reclaimed the Archway and re built it in haven cottage at Ridgeway ( can be Found on Google its up for sale) should have been preserved. But sheffield council wanted everything down. It was in the mid 70s when A.D.H Ltd demolished it.
  2. Demolition of Sheffield

    Derek White, known to others as dang.
  3. Sheffield 1939

    Some researches are mis spelling data and not always reliable, crooks was a good area as well as crooks more and Birkendale just look where the large stone houses were
  4. Can you put these photos on Demolition of Sheffield it will make it easier for people to find places
  5. Haymarket in Sheffield City Centre

    a normal shopping day, sheffield is big but it was a community of people that knew and helped each other when times were tough,, don't think that would happen today, or taking in other peoples kids to look after
  6. Demolition of Sheffield

    WW1 Norton Aerodrome Runway & Buildings A.D.H Ltd demolished the buildings of the of WW1 the remains of the bomb housing bunkers were still there some photo show the explosives set off at that time to blow the concrete that was buried in the ground these bunkers were lined with sheets of copper between the concrete. Some of the buildings were still standing in the background, many more pictures were taken during so will update as i find them again. Would be nice if anyone could tag other pictures of this piece of history.
  7. Demolition of Sheffield

    How Demolition was 60's 70's & early 80's Can anyone recognise the school in the background were it was the street had its house demolished The man in Cat 955 was Joe Crothers Picture of the 4 x workmen in one of the many streets of sheffield slum clearance days were: Archie Hull (A.D.H (Demolition) Ltd contractor and worker. Roy Hull Joe Crothers Unknown worker (if anyone recognises) not sure if this was a young diddy marsden
  8. Demolition of Sheffield

    You got a modernist photo here the buildings in the background are quiet new, bottom of the moor, in background you got the tall grey building of what was the University the old flats to the right were on the long dual carriage way. at the bottom of that carriageway from the direction we know as Ecclessall road roundabout was a BMW place on the corner And the building is not a factory there wasn't any around there think the church still stands
  9. Edgar Allen Foundary which was sited on the Meadowhall site ADH LTD cleared all the foundry fenal foundry sound this was the late 1980's as ADH (Demolition) Ltd ceased trading (retired) they worked that a couple of years as the decline in demolition had run its course and contractors were left with the odd factory or excavation jobs. ADH Ltd purchased from Edgar Allen Foundry their fenal tip at Ravensfield and later sold it to A. Whites (Demolition) ltd., Abbey field Road The large coloured man is the man that worked in the smelting shop in Edgar Allens Foundry with 3 others because they were identical to the men. my dad remembers someone coming and taking photos of those men whilst they were working on site. So someone has documented the history wrong , maybe one day the men or their family will see this and hopefully come forward with a family picture
  10. Demolition of Sheffield

    Hi madannie77 this will need your expertise to clean up Demolition how it really was Demolition on Division street 1971, Busy central city street shut for 1 hour? (not in this day and age) My father Archie Hull of ADH (Demolition) Ltd was asked to go up by the dangerous structures man the 'Late' Mr Gordan Lever (Estates Surveyors office) and told to bring down the swaying chimney in 80 mile winds as the sheffield star reported. Really look! what demolition was all about my parents weren't the sole workmen on that site that day, this is how the work was carried out, Not what you see today in demolition Theres no scaffolding, no passerby walkways, no harness's, this was how it was and this was how it was all over the UK. Fred Dibner (was classed as antics on tv, a good laugh) But in reality re- look and re- live that era it was exactly how it was. Could anyone pull buildings down now in a busy centre like this anymore? No but it was aloud, and what was expected by the Sheffield City Council & the Rotherham Council too ADH Ltd also demolished the Royal Hospital that was situated on Division Street (if any one has any photos of that building to contribute) would be nice.
  11. Demolition of Sheffield

    And most of the photography we see are starting from the mid to late 1980s, the ones I'm posting are earlier times in hope that the odd demolition man or contractor can contribute even if its with them in the forefront its showing you how the real life of demolition was all about . Not what its projected in the late 80's onwards. you look up demolition companies now theres that many of them yet half of them haven't even known the industry when it was 100's of roads of houses being pulled down they came later into the industry.
  12. Demolition of Sheffield

    Archie says this is somewhere in Walkley area? if anyone can recall the flats in the background it also written on the back of the photo in Dots handwriting
  13. Demolition of Sheffield

    These photos need you expertise madannie77 These photos are of the Old Gas House that was situated on the site were the swimming/leisure facilities now stands at the bottom of Commercial Street , i have another photo (still looking) of the entrance under that grand turret it was very grand and held the archway thats been reclaimed and situated in a sheffield house my parents built/renovated in late 1970's , ADH Ltd demolished this building. The Sheffield Council should have preserved this frontage but instead preferred to see it down the tip.. Sheffield turns from Candle light to Gas with the King and Queen either side This building was were you went to pay your gas account.
  14. Demolition of Sheffield

    This looks to be behind the Hyde park. On land that was the Hyde park dog track ADH Ltd pulled that down. It' not the Kelvin flats the road behind that up to Daniel hill still stands today.
  15. Demolition of Sheffield

    Yes I agree forgoten And no history kept by the Sheffield council for the history archives