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  1. Hi its mis-spelt 1700's land and tax records ancestry uk shows the area as Black Swan Yard (Not walk)
  2. Look at the bridge on the right hand side it the archway we demolished that old building for the sheffield council, they wanted everything down the tip we salvaged the archway and re built it in our home at the time i attach these pics
  3. Hi if you look on the demolition of sheffield i set up, the sheffield gas house were you paid your bills was situated next to the cold storage site that was at the bottom of commercial street wich sites the swimming baths today.. if you look on the site i set up for conversation i have posted a picture of the archway of that building that ADH limited demolished and restored into their home, it stands 18ft high in a fireplace and represents sheffield turning from candle light to gas with the king and queen head either side of the archway
  4. do you know if any of his photos survived of sheffield pref the demolition era 1960 70 early 80
  5. looking for oldest street maps of fargate and chapel walk showing the black swan yard
  6. tozzin you posted some pictures and maps but now you've deleted them as we see a quick flash then its gone could you load them again its vert interesting
  7. i remember cockayne on high street or there about .. as a child. do you have a map showing where the white swan yard is. where the white swan pub stood and where does the white bear fit into it? are there any earlier maps of chapel walk , fargate. someone a long time ago told me that the council had an archive centre and they recall a street map showing the name charles wilson running along side the name chapel walk does anyone know what this meant? i have land maps of land where i live now and peoples names where at the side of the maps of land they owned, but that agricultural chapel walks been a built up area and margate for 100s of years would this have applied the same? or was my friend seeing things
  8. knowing sheffield councils destruction it'll not take them long before this history is built over by a concrete metal monstrosity
  9. where was the black swan situated in the black swan yard, i love the history of sheffield especially as my family as demolished the majority along with a few other contractors back then
  10. cornelius eddows is recorded to own property in the tax records 1781/83/84 etc buildings and the archives relates to the area as the Black swan yard. it also looks to have had houses on the chapel walk yet i find it hard to find a map that relates to the 1700's et there is a lot of data in tax records for these 2 areas that front the fargate. what happened to the ownership of these properties does anyone know? did the council take it off them and claim it themselves? in that area
  11. That right the little piece of grass land that you wouldn't think you could put a building on is right opposite the huge stone wall if its standing still on common side if you look at the map you can see howard hotel and the little lane behind it has gates at the top that used to have a key for the residents of Birkendale view and birkendale. in front is the St Josephs home which ADH Demolition Ltd demolished and i put photos of the font that used to be on this site in an article on here under Demolition of sheffield.. we still have this stone font as a feature at home today
  12. HA HA what a memory brought back yes i remember tripe in the castle market mum used to take me and make me eat it and said it was good for me YEWK!! she changed her mind when she went with my dad to cost the tender for pulling the abattoir down i remember quiet vividly it was still working in parts and a man was kicking the black bag around on the floor with a hose pipe in his hand. mum asked what it was he was kicking around and he "said don't you know what it is?' she said no with a furrow on her brow, he replied its tripe.. mum nearly threw up when she realised that tripe was the bag that held the 'poo poo' in .. best for me we never had the stuff again after that