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  1. This is a great site. I was at High Storrs 1967 to 1975. I remember 'Killer' Johnson who gave me crammer A level history lessons in a stock cupboard - for those who remember him, you can imagine what that was like; I'm female - can you imagine that happening now? My father was there 1936 to 1941 (when he joined the RAF under age) at the time the school was new, so the history of the old Central and opening of High Storrs was really interesting; he said I should search under the lab benches for his name. He also mentioned George Mack. I'm sorry he isn't here now so that I could share these memories with him. Isn't it amazing how you can recognise faces you haven't seen for over 42 years - Miss Freeman, Tim Mardell, Barbara Peck and David Watkins, I'm sure there'd be a lot of others, but I can't get a big enough image of the 6th form photo in 1971 to be able to tell. I remember a paper crisis in my 6th and we had to buy our own, and I remember revising by candle light because the miners were on strike and there was no electricity. I recall the sound of the wind howling round the high windows, does it still do that or are we double glazed now? There was a tuck shop too. The school went co-ed in 1969 which came as a surprise to the teachers as well as the pupils, the male ones didn't know quite how to react; the boys' school was dark and dingy whereas the girls' had seemed relatively bright. We'd had fresh flowers on the teachers' tables every week - don't suppose that happened in the boys' school! On the last day of school, the head boy's trousers somehow ended up on the goal post..... happy days.
  2. I can remember being taken to Davy's for tea in the 1960's. The waitresses wore black dresses with white aprons and white caps. It looks like how I remember it.
  3. My mum, born 1920, used to talk about an eccentric gentleman, whom they called the Toff of Sheffield, who used to walk up the centre of Ecclesall Road, directing traffic. Does anyone recognise this description? I'd just like to know a bit more about him and when he was doing it.