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  1. Hi is there anyone who can help me who was at thornseat lodge childrens home . I was there poss in 1975 ish . I am interested in knowing the whereabouts of Neen . I am louise smith I was unable to walk and I had metal rods on my leg and spent a lot of time sat up in a square glass type bed. I remember Neen carrying me around the house and getting into trouble for picking me up .Neen was blind ,I remember sitting with Neen in a little room while she,d read brail books . I also remeber very clear that a boy ran into our dorm and he set fire to the curtains I shouted Neen as she was sleeping in the bed next to the window . Neen lifted me outta the box and I struggled to open the door to get us out .Neen ran down the corridor with me . When I left Thornseat seat lodge I did not want to leave Neen .I was not even 5 yr old . I am desperate to find records of me being at thornseat lodge and any other information would be of great help . the people who looked after me were beautiful people I did not want to leave.