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  1. Jdore

    Pond Street

    Another thank you. I was born above the concert room in 1954 my brother was born above the tap room in 1956. I have my fathers driving licence with that address but not with the pub name. Nice to see it existed in print somewhere.
  2. My great uncle Jack/John Dore was the licensee at pond hill from the. 1950’s until it closed.
  3. Jdore

    Pond Street

    Thank you so much. Yes, that is the pub as my sister and I remember. Our father kept the Commercial Hotel at Parkgate, also a Tennants Pub, and I was born there, it took me months to work out that it is now a Thwaites house and is called the Parkgate. I have never yet found anything that mentions the Commercial.
  4. Jdore

    Pond Street

    My great uncle kept a Tennants pub in the pond street/hill area. We think it was called the salutation. His name was Jack Dore wife Edna. They kept it through the 1950’s and 1960’s as we remember and we also seem to think it was pulled down to build the post office and penny black. Can anybody throw any light on this for us.