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  1. Many thanks for all the condolences and kind words. Dad loved this site and encouraged us to 'have a look'. He will be sadly missed by us all.
  2. Went to Wisewood Left in 1983 Plans to now merge Wisewood and our biggest rivals- Myers Grove, stand back and wait for the fireworks!!!!
  3. I have a picture of the Wednsday groung flooded in July 2007- the players in the photo must have just swum off!!!!! lol
  4. Not seen hendersons in Worksop tesco (I actually looked this week as I've run out!) but have definatly bought it from the Dinnington Tesco as this is classed as been in Sheffield.
  5. Wow what a beautiful building but what a waste. Very spooky pictures you must be very brave to go there!!!
  6. As a kid we used to call it the jewish graveyard- very un-pc I know but after reading all this stuff that was obviously an urban myth, unless of course you know better?
  7. I made regular trips to the ABC minors on a Saturday morning. I think we were sent to give our parents a bit of peace! we had our own song and if it was your birthday you took your cards and went up on stage so everyone could sing happy birthday. I remember you got a small bag of jelly tots- I never had so many birthdays in one year!!!!! Can't believe they knocked it down.
  8. Hendersons reproduced there blue/white and red/white labels a few years ago- not sure what for, possibly a centenery? Love this stuff especially with stew or cottage pie but struggle to get it outside of Shefield.
  9. My Dad was a presenter (i think!!) on this and me and my brother and sister used to go to the studio on Matilda Street in sheffield to join in with Hullaballoo- a forerunner of todays childrens tv. Not sure how long it ran for as a station but I think you had to have a set top box so that you could recieve it.
  10. More memories- pub crawl from the Masons then to the Shaky and into the Ball and sometimes back!!! Kelseys pork pies and the chippy on Tapton road. Learning to swim at the old hillsborough baths and coming first in a race at the gala. Woolworths when it was twice the size (superdrug moved into half of it I think). The precinct opening and thinking it was posh. Buying a mirror from binghams glass shop for eight pounds(i still have it) Walking in Hillsborough park with my baby daughter- is it me or has it shrunk? and where is the running track? it seems to be a rugby pitch where have the hallamshire harriers gone? I could go on but I think I need a rest -memories where would we be without them?!!!!! :blink:
  11. Not been to Hillsborough for a while but remember the row of shops on Holme Lane that were knocked down for the tram. There was a jewelers where my future huband bought my engagement ring and a florist on the corner where he ONCE ordered me flowers (but thats another story!!). There was also a Pineapple (i think) dance studio above and a Chinese? restaurant or am I mixing my areas? lol