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  1. Pitsmoor Col

    Don Cinema, West Bar

    Mother used to take us when I was a nipper, we walked over the little bridge on Nursery street and through the steel works to get there..
  2. Pitsmoor Col


    Been in there a few times, and the Owl across the road...
  3. Pitsmoor Col

    Heppenstall Lane, Attercliffe

    I wonder where the Two gate lamps ended up ? Land fill most likely. Shame..
  4. Pitsmoor Col

    So much to notice in this amazing Sheffield photo!

    Trolley buses ???
  5. Pitsmoor Col

    Can you name this place?

    If I remember right the ceiling was painted matt black with stars painted on to make it look as though you were outside..
  6. Pitsmoor Col

    Farfield Inn, Neepsend Lane, Sheffield

    I worked at Andrews Toledo's in the early 70's and sometimes nipped in the Victoria Hotel, aka "The Monkey". Now La Plata Monkey works..
  7. Pitsmoor Col

    Pitsmoor Boundry.

    Hi, are there any maps showing the boundary line for Pitsmoor, or any other Sheffield district ?
  8. Pitsmoor Col

    Spital Hill in 1970

    Yes, it was a MURCO filling station.
  9. Pitsmoor Col

    Paint stripper

    Thanks' mate...
  10. Pitsmoor Col

    Paint stripper

    Hi, can anyone recommend a good paint stripper, I have to strip some wooden garden furniture I have tried some water based stuff but it's next to useless, a complete waste of time. It doe's not do as it say's on the tin..thanks in advance.....
  11. Not working, just say's the page you requested doe's not exist..
  12. Pitsmoor Col

    Coal men in Sheffield

    I remember the coal man delivering in the late 50's / early 60's around Pitsmoor, Brunswick Road, Nottingham Street Marcus Street, Spital Street, area I think his yard was on Neville Street, but not sure. In fact I can still remember his face. He was a mate of my dad's, and sometimes my Brother and I would sit in the cab when he went around collecting his money. But for the life of me I can't remember his name and I don't have any photo's of him. I wonder if any one on here can remember his name or has any photo's ?
  13. Pitsmoor Col

    What do you remember about this Sheffield place?

    I have just walked away from the bus shelter, could not stand it for a minute longer. Women moaning about the bloody awful weather and leaking bus shelters, then there is a bloke in a Lavender coloured Triumph Herald sticking his head out of his car window complaining about some stuck up "toff" parking his jag on the wrong side of the road. Then I spotted Two more women heading for the bus shelter having just dodged a couple of low flying reindeer. I just thought "sod this" I am off, I have only got to walk to Wincobank, a brisk 10 minutes will do it..At least it will be quiet.
  14. Pitsmoor Col

    Where was this?

    The bloke in the foreground looks like he is on his "mobile phone" lol..
  15. Pitsmoor Col


    I was talking to "Vinny" Sunday night, 3 Dec. in the Normanton Hotel, Earldom Road.