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  1. Hello Edmund Very useful, thanks for that. Where did you get the information from? From what I have Brightside Colliery was still being worked there until 1886 so they must have shared the site for a short while. Thanks Karl.
  2. Hello Where can I find information about these Chemical Works, I searched in Holywell Road, Colliery Road and Burslem Street but have drawn a blank, the works appear on maps from the 1900's to 1950's. Thanks Karl.
  3. Hello Edmund Excellent, thank-you for all the information, very useful Karl.
  4. Here's some history for Broadbent House also known as The Old Bankers House at Number 3 Heartshead, its a property contract. A friend bought the original legal documents documents written in 1827 of ebay and I processed them into what you can see here: http://www.g7smy.co.uk/history/contract1827/ Karl.
  5. Hello I am trying to find out when a bridge over the Don at Brightside - Weedon Street was first constructed, the earliest I can find is an OS map for 1854 but I'm thinking a bridge has been there for some considerable time, well before the railway Thanks Karl.
  6. I have been putting together a web page for this Indenture/Property contract dated 11 July 1827 it appears to be about a transfer of ownership 100 years after No. 3 Heartshead was built. http://www.g7smy.co.uk/history/contract1827/