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  1. Good point, when was the road closed to traffic? Google found a council document saying the road was finally closed became part of the Lower Don Valley Cycle Route in around 2016. https://sheffieldcityregion.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Public-reports-pack-26th-Sep-2016-14.00-Sheffield-City-Region-Combined-Authority-Transport-Committ.pdf I shall add that factoid to the web page. Thanks
  2. Hello The other day I was cycling round Brightside and went up Colliery Road and wondered why it was there, its too narrow for two way traffic and the bridges are too low. After some time researching I have written this short essay, I think I have gleaned as much as I can for this without having to make a visit to Sheffield Archives. https://www.g7smy.co.uk/2019/04/history-colliery-road/ Karl
  3. Hello Edmund Very useful, thanks for that. Where did you get the information from? From what I have Brightside Colliery was still being worked there until 1886 so they must have shared the site for a short while. Thanks Karl.
  4. Hello Where can I find information about these Chemical Works, I searched in Holywell Road, Colliery Road and Burslem Street but have drawn a blank, the works appear on maps from the 1900's to 1950's. Thanks Karl.
  5. Hello Edmund Excellent, thank-you for all the information, very useful Karl.
  6. Here's some history for Broadbent House also known as The Old Bankers House at Number 3 Heartshead, its a property contract. A friend bought the original legal documents documents written in 1827 of ebay and I processed them into what you can see here: http://www.g7smy.co.uk/history/contract1827/ Karl.
  7. Hello I am trying to find out when a bridge over the Don at Brightside - Weedon Street was first constructed, the earliest I can find is an OS map for 1854 but I'm thinking a bridge has been there for some considerable time, well before the railway Thanks Karl.
  8. I have been putting together a web page for this Indenture/Property contract dated 11 July 1827 it appears to be about a transfer of ownership 100 years after No. 3 Heartshead was built. http://www.g7smy.co.uk/history/contract1827/