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  1. LInda1944

    Penny Farthing Night Club

    I also remember the tartan wallpaper in the ladies bathroom.!!!!
  2. LInda1944

    Penny Farthing Night Club

    Hello my name is Linda. Seems like a long time since anyone posted on the Penny Farthing. My friend Jackie and I used to go ever Monday night to see Joe Cocker. This was back in the 60's, jeez now I am coming up to 74 years old. Yes I also remember David Lidgard and the other names mentioned. I have lived in the States since 1984 but really miss my days living in Sheffield. I have such wonderful memories.. My name then was Linda Woodrow and it was at the Fiesta that I met Elton John.
  3. LInda1944

    The Fiesta nightclub Sheffield

    You are missing Long John Baldry.off entertainers. This is where I met Elton John. It was in the late 60's.