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  1. Arif

    Moorfoot in Sheffield City Centre

    When did Virgin Records first open down there?
  2. Thank you for that, you must have been reading my mind!
  3. Arif

    Paternoster Row and Sidney Street

    I used to work at Greaves cabinet makers on Sidney Street. Butlers the cutlers were opposite.
  4. Who was Madame Rose? Entries on a postcard please!
  5. Arif

    A little bit about Sheffield City Hall

    The City Hall in earlier days
  6. Arif

    Looks And Smiles

    I notice Tony Pitts in the cast. Was he from Sheffield? I always remember him from Emmerdale Farm when he played the part of Archie and he often wore a Wednesday tracksuit top.
  7. Arif

    Construction of the town hall

    I love the man with the brolly! Looks a little Lowryish!
  8. Arif

    Before John Lewis in Barkers Pool

    An aerial view from 1926
  9. The postcard realised £98 can you believe!
  10. There is still the alley way to the right of the pub. This exists to the right of the Banner today so that ties in. Didn'nt Charlie Peace have some association with the houses to the left of the pub. Can some one do a screen shot from Google Maps to show us how close the two are/were? (Not sure how to do it myself, that's why I ask).
  11. Arif

    Drinking Fountains

    There was one behind the Parky's kiosk by the bowling green in Hollinsend Park. Has it been mentioned already?
  12. A stunning bit of film. Anyone seen this before?http://www.yorkshirefilmarchive.com/film/environmental-health-part-park-hill-slums-1-5