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  1. The postcard realised £98 can you believe!
  2. There is still the alley way to the right of the pub. This exists to the right of the Banner today so that ties in. Didn'nt Charlie Peace have some association with the houses to the left of the pub. Can some one do a screen shot from Google Maps to show us how close the two are/were? (Not sure how to do it myself, that's why I ask).
  3. Drinking Fountains

    There was one behind the Parky's kiosk by the bowling green in Hollinsend Park. Has it been mentioned already?
  4. A stunning bit of film. Anyone seen this before?http://www.yorkshirefilmarchive.com/film/environmental-health-part-park-hill-slums-1-5
  5. When the Gaumont was the Regent
  6. A postcard showing the City Hall as it opened. Your grandfather would have been here then I presume.
  7. A brilliant bit of family history Steve thank you.
  8. 1960's in Pond Street Bus Station

    Thank you Voldy, that's impressive. At last I know after all these years!
  9. 1960's in Pond Street Bus Station

    My mind isn't what it was, it must be said. The Haywoods lived on the Common near Brown's Stores. They didn't move there until around 1970 I think. I went to Gleadless County too, later than your good self, I left 1971. (Incidentally, where did the name County come from, I've never got to the bottom of that!).
  10. 1960's in Pond Street Bus Station

    Athy, sorry for the random question but were you at one time mates with Grant Haywood on Gleadless Common? I'll get me coat.....
  11. Colorised photo of Sheffield

    Looking back, nothing is new it seems!
  12. Colorised photo of Sheffield

    What was the name of the church please?