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  1. Hi Paul, could be my memory, I stand corrected if so!
  2. Hi Paul, as far as I remember I think Mr Spur was knocked down and killed by a car on Hollinsend Road. By the way, the park was brilliant!
  3. Ahhh bless you Steve, thank you. It's all coming back now....
  4. Ravels shoe shop, can't remember where it was though! I'll get me coat.....
  5. Thank you Edmund. That flag is so distinctive.
  6. on the horizon. I recently bought a two disc dvd on the slums of Sheffield (cheerful subject!), but I noticed what a huge impact Walker and Hall had on the skyline of Sheffield. Here are a couple of stills taken from the Park district in the mid fifties:
  7. I find there is more to see the more you look. Back to your earlier post, thank you, I keep forgetting that Howard Street used to run right up to Norfolk Street, before my time.
  8. I noticed that, it looks as though it is. So, St Pauls was closed in 1937 and demolished one year later. Just one year later the horrors of the second world war would unfold and soon the face of Sheffield would change forever. Sorry, bit deep that!
  9. On second thoughts is it Walker & Hall? I may be wrong there, sorry.
  10. I bought this postcard today and was so thrilled with it I thought I would share it. I would broadly guess it was taken in the 1930s, would anyone like to narrow it down a little? I like the long gone buildings and factories, for instance Walker and Hall's premises at the top of Howard Street. Feel free to comment! I've scanned at a hi res so you can look further and download. Thank you.
  11. When did Virgin Records first open down there?
  12. Thank you for that, you must have been reading my mind!