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  1. A postcard by the Loca-Vu company, published in Sheffield but when? The photograph must have been taken at a very quiet time of day by the looks of things.
  2. Fargate postcard

    Thanks for that, nice to see a local business surviving for so long these days
  3. Fargate postcard

    You are more than welcome. I'll put up more when time permits
  4. Fargate postcard

    I've been trying to zoom in to see some of the shops and business's of the day but scarcely recognise any. Mid fifties looks a good bet.
  5. A postcard of Fargate that hasn't been posted so no date. Does any one have any estimates?
  6. Thank you Edmund, that is really kind of you. Much appreciated, Arif
  7. I'm looking for Fitzwilliam Street in Attercliffe but can find no trace of it. Some of my ancestors lived there according to the 1871 Census. The actual address is 'Shop', Fitzwilliam Street, Attercliffe cum Darnall. It would seem that the 'Shop' appears sandwiched between numbers 30 and 34. Could any one help me please? Thank you for looking.
  8. Fargate postcard

    Yes boginspro, that's a later card than the original b&w one. Interesting to see the mention of the Green Dragon Hotel on the left, later to become Winchester House. It would appear that the Hotel was there for over one hundred years according to the trade directories:
  9. A postcard of Fargate. It was published by Boots Cash Chemists under the Pelham series. It is numbered 193 which dates it to around 1905. It was never posted so there is no postmark to say where and when it was posted.
  10. Wow that's fascinating Edmund, thank you! Just out of interest, do we know how long the Sheffield Goldsmiths Company were operating for? I'm intrigued!
  11. Just thought I would try to scan the area of debate, it gets more interesting!
  12. Hi Athy, I post now and again on the Sheffield History page of Facebook. You will find quite a few on there if you scroll through their photos. I'll start putting a few on here too so keep your eyes peeled! It is almost addictive but I love looking at the changing times of our city. You can learn so much from it. All for now!
  13. Actually it's my postcard! He's nicked it off facebook! True, anything is fair game on the internet so its fine by me. Although it is no true indication of age, the card was posted to an address in Nottingham from Hillsborough in January 1919. I've just looked up the Wrench series of postcards and the layout of the back seems to suggest a publishing date of 1903/4. I hope this is of some use to you.
  14. The Hole In The Road - Photos

    One of my postcards. Large scan, enjoy.
  15. One more from my collection.