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  1. What a great season this was and one of the few times in my life where I was able to go to every single game home and away starting in Swansea and finishing in Cardiff with the Owls fans on the pitch in front of the main stand waiting for the result to come through from the Chelsea match to find out weather the Owls would go up as Champions or runners up, the highlight of the season had got to be the 1 - 0 away win at Newcastle an overhead kick from Shelton sorted It in front of possibly the biggest away following the Owls have taken to St James Park and the lowlight has got to be the Owls getting cheated out of 3 points at Leeds United SWFC went 1 - 0 up then Andy Ritchie broke clear almost straight from the kick off and jumped up with his right arm in the air and punched the ball into the net I was so gutted when the ref allowed the goal to stand.
  2. Terry Curran a traitor?? no I don't think so he never really endeared himself to the Blades when he crossed the city and by then Terry had given about as much as he could to the Owls cause he left me with many happy memories of one of the more skillful players to have pulled on the blue and white stripes.
  3. I've recently been clearing out a wardrobe and came across a video tape from 1985 containing 60mins of extended highlights of Sheff Wed v Man Utd played at Hillsborough on Tuesday 9th April 1985 I feel certain this was the first time the club had officially released a game on video It came in a plain white cardboard sleeve with no artwork and only a single sticker on the video with ' Sheffield Wednesday v Manchester United ' printed on it there is no commentary and the picture and sound quality for the time was ok by today's standards leave a lot to be desired can anyone out there confirm this?. The result finished 1 - 0 to the Owls Lee Chapman got the goal and was a great result at the time as It meant the Owls had done the double over Man Utd in their first season back in the top flight they had won 2 - 1 at Old Trafford on New Years Day plus Man Utd were on a 10 game unbeaten run going into this game. I've included a few screen shots in this thread take note of the crowd size (pre all seater).
  4. Here are a couple of screenshots taken from an early official SWFC video from 1984 -85 season shows Man Utd fans making good use of Leppings Lane and the corner next to North Stand sorry about the quality. The crowd incidently was 48,105
  5. Could this be one of the earlier models you mentioned as this picture was taken in 1979?.
  6. I Hope this is the right pub got this picture from a book I've had for some time, from the descriptions given here sounds like the place The Freedom on the left and The Royal Oak on the right. From the detail in the book this was taken in 1974.
  7. Here's something from the not too distant past I think maybe It was a case of who never had one of these rather than who had one I think the company has now gone the way of the dodo but not too sure?.
  8. Great story jeyre60152 must have upset your Dad you becoming a Wednesdayite!.
  9. I'll look forward to seeing the pics Simon and It's good to here Derek & Lorraine are doing ok.
  10. Hi Simon I can remember you and your bruv how's he doin' sorry I didn't post sooner have been away for awhile just got back today tell Lorraine I packed in the DJ game about 14 years ago and I'm into the IT business now and doin' fine do you still see any of the old faces???? It's good to here from you cheers mate.
  11. Wow!! never realised it until now look at the first pic is that not a crutch in being held aloft to the left hand side behind the goal??
  12. Remember the Blackburn 2 v 4 SWFC very well Blackburn were pulling down the old away stand, the structure was still there but no roof but the noise was still brilliant from the owls fans I don't know how the guy in front of me kept on his feet he had his leg in plaster and every time SWFC scored he was waving one crutch about and trying to stay upright with the other I also remember talking to some Blackburn fans after the game and they were absolutely sick because they thought they were Wembley bound that season and didn't consider SWFC much of a threat what a night!!!!.
  13. Thanks I'll take you up on that sometime as I'm in Scarborough quite regularly as my parents live over there. :)
  14. If you don't mind can you tell us what's your Mum's name daveyboy66???.