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  1. hi all just to update the bible is back with family in Beverley linda
  2. They could private message me if they like Linda
  3. Brilliant Edmund I would love for it to back in the family. Are they in Sheffield
  4. I have (rescued from a skip) the family bible of Charles Thacker born 1820 and Emily boothby 10 children ranging from 1850 to 1871 they married 1850 Also included are memorial cards for Amelia Overton wife of Charles vicar of cottingham died 1849 in London would love to see it given to relatives the bible is from 1804 but info is from 1850 anyone does it ring a bell or any ideas what to do with it linda
  5. Will do. Relative are sure he's down attercliffe but searched them all . Linda
  6. Cheers that's him ow to find his burial linda
  7. I put this on another forum on here ,thought I would try this I have John Edward Houlden born March 1949 died aged 3weeks in April 1949 in attercliffe there was an inquest recorded misadventure on 21st April 1949 cannot find where he's buried anywhere ,anybody got any suggestions linda
  8. Cheers schumac,I had a sister buried in a paupers grave Tinsley park but still on record she was 7weeks and is with 4other babies and an old man just thought in 1949 there would be some paperwork thanks anyway Linda
  9. I have a John Edward Houlden born March 1949, died 18th April 1949 on attercliffe road. (Inquest was 21st April 1949) cannot find where he's buried or cremated Anywhere been on attercliffe cemeteries nothing anybody any ideas thanks Linda