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  1. Lysander where do I find the piece please? Many thanks
  2. Thank you Heartshome I love hearing people's stories. Strangely enough my female character is 17 in 1939! I am from Sheffield as are all my family. I already have places for setting etc and my characters are developed, I know where they live and work etc. My trouble is just accuracy when it comes to tiny details. I know about history in general but when a character says something, a critique will pull it apart if it is not factual-do you get where I am coming from? My book is a work of fiction so it is not going to full of historical detail but if, for example, my protagonist mentions going to see a particular film at a particular cinema then someone might take offense if it isn't right. The internet only brings up so much. What I am after are people's memories of that time and I have exhausted my parent's. They have told me everything that they remember their parents and grandparents telling them. I have contacted the Sheffield Telegraph and I will follow up with other suggestions. The information I am after is so small. It is not a plot developer or anything but I want my story to be as real as possible. Thanks once again
  3. Thank you, some great ideas. I will give it a try. Shame I missed the event! My sticking point at the moment is when I type in the year 1939 all that comes up is the war. My story starts just before the war. I appreciate that events leading up September were big but for everyday life in Sheffield prior to then I can't find information. I want to know about going to dances and the cinema. How long did they have to wait before a Hollywood film was shown. What bands played etc. Where would a young courting couple go. Department stores. I have tried looking up the newsreels that they might have played before a film but no luck. (again mostly war) I have enough to be getting on with my story but I get unstuck when I have to add in anything historically accurate. When I get to the war years, I will have loads to go on I would be very interested in any stories your mother had. I am trying to create a life for my characters. I have stories from my parents but they were too young so it is just bits from what their parents told them. Unfortunately, all my grandparents have passed. many thanks once again.
  4. I am looking for someone who wouldn't mind answering some questions for my book please. My area of interest is Sheffield 1939. I am focusing on more on everyday life. I live close to London so cannot get to Sheffield to do my own research. The internet is useless. Thanks
  5. Hi can anyone tell me please how long did Sheffield have to wait for a Hollywood film in 1939? What films were shown? I am writing a book (fiction) and I would love to know as much as possible about Sheffield cinemas in 1939. The whole experience please. Many thanks
  6. Would you know if, when a film was made and released; say for example 'The Wizard of Oz', did the cinemas in Sheffield, around that time, have to wait to show it or did they show it pretty much after its release? I am aware that there wouldn't be as many copies as there are of modern films today so would London get the films first and then say the rest of the country? many thanks
  7. Please can someone help me? The internet is useless. If you were reasonably well off in Sheffield in the late 1930s, what would you do as a 16 year old girl? Would you still be in education or would you work? Or would you do charitable/ voluntary work? Or would you simple enjoy yourself? Many thanks Much appreciated
  8. thank you Would the houses close to the Botanical gardens do?
  9. Hello Can anyone help describe the working conditions in the large steel factories in the late 1930s please? How many hours did they work? Pay? Clothing? Any known disasters? My great-grandfather worked for English Steel from 1920 onwards, shame I can't ask him. I have searched this site and I can't find any old threads. I have also search the internet and there is tons of stuff before and after this time but none just before the war. many thanks
  10. Thanks for all your comments. Can anyone shed light on housing around Botanical Gardens. The houses there are old. Who would have lived there? I haven't ruled out Dore for my story but I remember as a child really loving the houses in the Botanical area of Sheffield and Endcliffe park. Can anyone recommend a good history site or book as my searches are coming up blank. Many thanks
  11. Thank you Lysander, very helpful. Unfortunately, I no longer live in Sheffield. I will, at some point, be back to visit family so I could pay a visit. Where is the library please?
  12. Thank you. How affordable would it be to use the train? Do you know? I don't suppose you know what a girl 16 would do in an area such as Dore? Would she work or go on to further study? Do you know how local people were affected by the depression? I have so many questions, sorry. Could people afford to go to the cinema? Thanks for your help so far, no worries if you don't have the answers to the above questions
  13. Hello, I am hoping someone can help please. I am writing a book, it is fiction but I am after some facts or details of everyday life in Sheffield just before the war. I have lots of questions. Here a just a few: Where would the more affluent places to live in the 1930s be? What profession would you need to afford a house there? Trams to these areas? Where would they stop etc? Local cinemas, dance halls, schools, department stores in town I have lots more