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    Women In Love (1969)

    I can confirm that the film was definitely shot inside the classrooms at Newhall School, my school where I went to in the early 50s I remember the film staff asking some of the local kids to be part of the extra staff required.
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    Tuckwoods and Alfred Road

    William(Billie) Wilde & Florence Tuckwood were my maternal Grandparents. They had 5 children, Florence, Rose, Nellie, Amy Hilda(my mother) & Joe the youngest. My grandmother died in 1925. I believe grandad died in 1940, both long before I was born. Grandad was a streethawker selling fruit & vegetables. All my Aunts, mum & Uncle Joe were born in the South Kirkby area before returning back Sheffield. I know very little of both of them, my mum was only 12yrs old when Grandma died.Grandma came from a large family, well known in the east end of Sheffield. It is quite possible that Florence & Joseph were brother & sister, bearing in mind my Uncles name.