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  1. As always - this forum is a mine of great information - thanks everyone for your replies. It appears that although the story might have changed a bit in the re-telling, it is based on the truth. Cheers, John
  2. Wondering if anyone can help me with this. I have a recollection of my Grandad telling me about steelworkers getting 'beer breaks' during the working day to replenish lost fluids. In these health and safety conscious days it seems hard to believe! (plus whenever I drink beer I feel more dehydrated!) Does anyone have any recollections of this and how it worked - was it paid for by the firms? was there a maximum amount you were allowed to drink and were there any tales of drunken accidents? I for one would be asleep at my desk after a couple of pints at lunchtime, but I imagine the furnace men were made of sterner stuff. Cheers John
  3. Those carvings are lovely. I'm trying to place them - I don't think its Firth Hall or the old Jessops Hospital. One wore a red tie and one a blue - that's Sheffield!
  4. Tozzin - thank you for the suggestion of Carmel House. I've seen those carvings but never realised they were the story of creation - exactly the sort of thing I was after - thank you. Time for me to do a bit more research into what each panel represents.
  5. Thanks for the map, Unrecordings - I can just about make out the route of the old road on Google maps where the factories are angled. What's the road that says "lane" on the overlay? It looks like an extension of what is now St Barnabas Road.
  6. Thank you Edmund - lots of great things there, just the sort of thing I had in mind. I didn't know the connection between the police box and the Mooney gangs, nor did I know about William Battye. Also Paradise square, I'm looking into the story and so far have found lots of interesting stories (mostly on this forum!). Unrecordings - thank you for the football idea. It's a huge part of Sheffield history and I'd love to feature something on it - I'm hoping to feature things that can still be seen today (rather than modern buildings that are built on top of older sites of historical interest). Is there anything left of the original building? I'm aware that the Cutlers Hotel in town is linked to Sheffield FC, but I'm not sure if that is a historic link or a commercial link.
  7. Hello one and all, my name is John Gelder and I'm involved with a project called Our Favourite Places - we publish a book and website about some of the interesting and unusual places to visit in Sheffield. We also produce a number of fun trail maps to the city such as a poetry trail, a runners trail, real ale trail and a typography trail. We are in the process of producing a tour to some of the city's hidden heritage. We want to draw peoples attention to the historical artefacts that they might walk past every day without knowing its significance. The type of thing that I had in mind are: the weights and measures by the town hall, bomb damage to the city hall, Signage for Howard Gallery on Chapel Walk, Jeffie Bainbridge Children's shelter, elephants on the Cutler's Hall doors. I wonder if any of you guys would be able to point out any 'well I never!' items in the city centre? They don't necessarily have to be ancient - or especially ornate, but just have an interesting part in Sheffield's story. The idea is that the trail could be done in a day, so I'm looking for things within a mile of the town hall. I recently went on a walking tour with Sheffield History poster andy1702 who suggested that this forum was home to lots of helpful and knowledgable people! If anyone is able to make any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks John