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  1. Hi everyone, this is my first post and a reply to UK Speedbirds post from 2008. He wanted to know about the occupants of 119 Rock St killed on the night of Dec 13 1940, so here is the information that I was told by my mother. Her name was Dorothy Edna Noble (nee Neale ) born 27 August 1937, and her parents were Ernest and Edna Neale, the adults in question. Her brother was Tony Neale, the child in the house who was killed. Mom should have been home that evening , but due to a problem she thought was measles, she was sent to stay with her Aunt Gladys so as to not pass this on to her brother. After the raid she was left an orphan, and her Grand mother Mrs Dorothy Agnes Davy of 9 Kilton Lane , and the aunt Gladys who had custody of her applied to adopt her. Mom was told that the courts at the time awarded custody to her Aunt Gladys. They reasoned that the younger of the two would be a better choice due to Moms tender age of 3. All of this information was told to Mom when she was 16, and was difficult for her to take it all in. Mr Thurtle who was also killed at 119 Rock St was not related to her as far as I know, and a mystery to why he was there . It is possible he took shelter from the bombing. I would like to find anyone related to us on the Neale / Davy side if possible. Thanks in advance to anyone who can advise me. Neil