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  1. Hi all, I've recently been looking at old-ish bus photo's from Sheffield, and I'm struggling to make sense of one particular element of past bus companies and liveries. I'm finding images of buses of SYPTE livery, some with no wording on them; some with the wording 'South Yorkshire Transport'; and some with the wording 'SYT - South Yorkshire's Transport' - so far I haven't been able to find any useful information which explains the difference, or the different eras these existed in. Hence I'm posting here, in the hope someone will be able to clarify the differences for me? Thanks
  2. Strangely, this information seems to not aline with the few OS maps for the area I've been able to check. There is no sign of the siding on the 1906 map; it then features on the 1923 map; and has disappeared once more by the 1935 map. A bit confusing, really. I have no doubt the information Waterside Echo has provided, however the OS maps showing different periods for this siding is rather odd.
  3. Indeed, my dad says that too - he remembers it operating, very well. The line which still survives through the site, is the old goods avoiding line. Which is used for the Stocksbridge Steel Works trains, for the moment at least.
  4. Victoria opened in 1851 as part of an extension of the Sheffield, Ashton-under-Lyne & Manchester Railway (which previously terminated at Bridgehouses station), and eventually closed early in 1970. I believe trains serving the route to Penistone continued to pass through Victoria (without stopping) till some time in the 1980s however, reversing to go down the ramp to Midland station - a hassle which was eventually cancelled out by the reopening of the line from Barnsley to Penistone as exists today.
  5. The Abbeydale Road one I've already managed to photograph haven't managed others though, so far.
  6. I've been told there is a pole on Prince of Wales Road, although I haven't been to look for it yet. Fairly close to Manor Top, apparently? I shall have to go look for some of these inspection covers.
  7. The Cathedral one is indeed still there, found it today. Thanks to all who helped! Does anyone happen to know if there is already a thread on here for Sheffield tramway 'remains'? I'm curious what else there is to look for...
  8. Thank you - I shall have another look when I get back to Sheffield to see if it's still there - I had a fruitless search previously (which is why I made this post), but I only checked within the Cathedral Grounds. I shall also have a look for the one at City Road Cemetery.
  9. Hi All, I've come across a few references to a Sheffield Corporation Tramways 'Electrical Junction Box' outside the Cathedral (apparently moved there to preserve it during road works elsewhere). However, having been to the Cathedral and looked around it, I haven't been able to find anything. I've also asked staff members & volunteers within the Cathedral, likewise drawing a blank. Just wondering if anyone might be able to provide any information as to where this is located; and if it has been moved, where it was moved to? Thanks.