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  1. Redgates in the 70s layout ground floor, trains corgi, dinky and brittains toys on the first floor was baby wear prams cots etc, Dolls , dolls houses teddy bears and a large warehouse behind the doll department. Basement .......large toys bikes subbeuteo books magic sets toy reed organs roller skates skeelers, and plastic musical instruments crafts there was a nother department where galt wooden toys were sols and another big warehouse behind it with access to the loading bay. Mr Michael (Nun) was the director along with mr Georgr and Mr Frank . on the 3rd floor was the retail warehouse behind that was Wilson and Gumpert wholesale warehouse (also owned by the Nun family. I worked on the latge toy department, repired bikes and prepired them for delivery as well as being second sales assistant in the department. Pat
  2. I worked at Redgates on the large toys Department in the basement . It was a magical place specially at Christmas Most of the staff were like children at heart and we had so much fun. the management was off on Thursdays so we used to play with the toys and ride bikes around in the basement!
  3. Yes Fargate Davis was on the left hand side walking towards the Wicker. I remember Davies very well.
  4. Anns road school then newfield secondary girls school till '69
  5. I went to Newfield girls school 1964 till I was 15 in1969 My hubby went to the boys school.
  6. I remember Wainwrights too. I used to love going in and looking at all the toys and trains. I remember the drapers but can't be sure of his name.
  7. Redgates did have a Santas Grotto I remember this because I was the fairy who sold the tickets in 1969. After that Christmas I worked at Wilson and Gumpert in Fitzalan Sq and when they closed , I worked back at Redgates on the Large toy and cycle department in the basement. It was such a fun job!
  8. Yes the Rag'n'tag market. Thanks for posting the pic. I remember a chap who sold tea sets and he would juggle with them while asking passing folks to buy them! Ogleys pet shop was close by too.
  9. Hello and thanks for sharing the os maps of Meersbrook running behind Albert Road. I was born in a house on Albert road and used to play in the Meersbrook at the bottom of our garden. I always wondered why the concrete 4 foot high wall was but now after looking at the os map I see it was a weir. I believe that Joseph Tyzak controlled the depth of water to feed their steam boiler via a sluice where the water ran at the back of Maxons.. The chimney for that boiler was demolished in the early late 50s I remember watching it. I remember flooding a few times and the water coming high up to cover half of our garden. Soon after in the early 60s the Meersbrook was covered with a culvert and the land all levelled off. I remember it all as if it was just yesterday.