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  1. They were milk tokens or 'milk checks' you bought them from the co-op and put them on the back windowsill and the milk man changed them for a bottle of milk
  2. The shop 'Paige was a ladies Dress shop. Davy's was opposite Marks and Spencer. Then was Marshall and snellgrove, then Proctors a department store then Coles of Coles Corner fame.
  3. I workad at Sheffield Reg Hosp Board. Frank Rowan was the joiner there. He lived in a cottage at the bottom of Tom Lane, could have been Fulwood Road. His daughter worked in the Architect's dept as a clerk. His wife had Alzheimers disieas and I think he did after ha retired. He was a good man.
  4. I knew Mr And Mrs Godbhere, Pronounced Godbeer. We lived round the corner from them in Rolleston Road. Mrs G was charming lady. I didn't know Mr G very well. They had some friends called Croyden . Mr Croyden fetched their library books for them. I worked at the local library. Kate nee Wragg.