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  1. Redgates was on the moor originally - it was next to Woolworths, opposite where Debenhams is now. It had a downstairs too. Later, it moved around the corner, just off the moor. That building is empty but after Redgates closed it became the Coop department store. The Wilson Grumpet toy shop in Fitzalan Square also belonged to Redgates but never adopted the name. You are both right!
  2. I remember it as Barlow shopfitters in the 60’s / 70’sbut would suggest that the original building goes back further than that. The fenced off area was indeed the Tramways public house. My parents talked of going there in the 1940’s.
  3. I seem to recall that the then derelict Royal Infirmary building was used for some scenes and also some of the houses on Rustlings Road opposite Endcliffe Park.
  4. Suggs used to sell fireworks upstairs near bonfire night. You bought them individually from a glass cabinet. My dada had a suit made at Barney Goodman's here and I remember going for a fitting with him in the early 1960's. There was a blind man who sold matches outside and my dad said Barney Goodman often used to pop a ten bob note into his top pocket.
  5. Remember buying a blue budgie from The pet shop and taking it home on the bus in a cardboard box. My mum had a stall in the rag and tag market until about 1967 so I have lots of childhood memories of this area.
  6. My mum had a stall just inside these gates in the 1950s and 60s. We sold haberdashery and dolls clothes. The weighing scales were in the market gardeners section: this was a brick built area within the rag and tag selling plants ( always without a pot and wrapped in newspaper) . The market traders piles up their rubbish there for collection at the end of the day. I used to be sent for 'ten weedy ones' ( Park Drive) from the kiosk just inside the gate shown. - not legal to sell them to me of course but that was the way it was!