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  1. Gamal

    Carbrook Hall

    BBC News - Sheffield's Carbrook Hall to become Starbucks drive-thru http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-46426613
  2. Aren't all those houses student accommodation now?
  3. Gamal

    Woodseats Tram Terminus.

    Was thinking the same lol.
  4. Gamal

    Summer on Fargate!

    The end of this youtube video there's a glimpse of the Goodwin fountain. Apologies if it's been shared before.
  5. Gamal

    Heart of the City 2

    If it looked anything like 1885 I'd visit town more often.
  6. Gamal

    Summer on Fargate!

    Looking at it now you wouldn't think it's the same place.
  7. Gamal

    Painted Advertisements

    Staniforth Road, Darnall
  8. Gamal

    Sheffield Castle Excavations - Week 2

    Weren't the castle stones used to construct other buildings and bridges when it was demolished shortly after the civil war?
  9. Gamal

    Wicker Post Card and Mistery Item.

    Yeah that is a strange one.
  10. Gamal

    Wicker Post Card and Mistery Item.

    Would be interesting to know what it is and what's it for.
  11. Gamal

    Painted Advertisements

    Firth Park Road
  12. Gamal

    Amazing photograph of Sheffield

    Are those phone boxes lined up against the old post office?
  13. Gamal

    Amazing photograph of Sheffield

    Tried to find some info on this protest, came up with nothing.
  14. Gamal

    Heppenstall Lane, Attercliffe

    Very unfortunate how Sheffield is panning out nowadays. Not only are we losing our heritage and historic buildings, Sheffield is looking bland and characterless unlike the past.
  15. Great looking postcard! Yeah, junction of Barnsley Road and Scott Road. Definitely prefer 1917 Scott Road to 2018. I like to walk through Burngreave cemetery but the Scott Road entrance is congregated by youths and unsavoury characters. They also hang about in the cemetery which creates an uneasy feeling.