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  1. Gamal

    Please feed the birds

    Yes I've noticed that. I've put out two bird baths and plenty of feed.
  2. There's a shortage of libraries and too many Mosques. Mosques are popping up not because there's a need for them, mainly because someone has a grudge against some mosque committee members and then decides to open up his own.
  3. No, its not a mosque. But it is used for after school classes for teaching Quran and Arabic. Also used for other community based projects.
  4. Gamal

    Spital Hill in 1970

    It's unfortunate to see what's become of it.
  5. Definitely Newhall Road/Attercliffe. Baffles me why so many buildings were demolished to be replaced by weeds and shrubs.
  6. Gamal

    The Park Hill slums

    Totally agree. Buildings with character and charm.
  7. Gamal

    The Hallam Tower Hotel in Sheffield

    I went in once in the 80s for a wedding reception. Can't remember it being anything special inside.
  8. Gamal


    Pictures I took last month.
  9. Gamal

    Mary Ann Rawson's grave

    That's great news.
  10. Gamal

    Mary Ann Rawson's grave

    Can't believe how some people can be so disrespectful by putting up a fence across a grave. No surprise to hear that the graveyard might turn into a carpark. I hope it never happens. Enough history has been destroyed in Attercliffe already. Unfortunately it's becoming a trend to demolish old and historical buildings /places in and around Attercliffe. The Duke of York on Main Road and The White Hart on Worksop Road have now been pulled down to make way for car parking thanks to Sheffield city Council.
  11. Gamal

    Toll Gate pub, Pitsmoor.

    My father was gutted when it closed down. If ever he disappeared in the evening The Toll Gate was the place to find him.
  12. Gamal

    Pond Street shops and cafes have all gone

    Yep, popped in there a few times myself. Wasn't there a charity or second hand shop there as well. I can vaguely remember a electrical shop.
  13. Gamal


    I moved from Pye Bank in 1999 so I wouldn't know about the army helicopter. It could be because of the Sheffield Sea Cadets on Rutland Road. Mainly footballers