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  1. It closed in 1996 It was used as a church by St. Thomas's they left it in a right mess inside when they left, then carling opened 11th April 2008. The building is rented by the carling academy, not owned by them.
  2. Refurb is on track and due to open on friday 11th April, with Reverend and the makers then on Saturday 12th KT Tunstall, having said that it still looks like a building site inside. It will be called A.M.G SHEFFIELD. lol
  3. Just thought I would mention I saw Robbie today in town.
  4. Deffinately happy happy days, but all those stairs he he
  5. Yes Roxy is going to be a live music venue KT Tunstall is already booked for April. ;-)
  6. The revamp HAS STARTED inside Roxy, It is now completly empty, it's going to be fantastic. Watch this space !!! :rolleyes:
  7. I was a regular at "Josies" 1984/87, I wasn't blonde, I wasn't from Dore or Totley and I had a job(no trust fund from daddy) It was just the best place to be, although it started to go a bit down hill late 1987/88 so we stopped going.
  8. Tree Tops was upstairs the entrance was on London Rd.
  9. It was called Vickers, I met my husband there in Jan 86, I think it was back to the Locarno by then though.
  10. It closed because Nobles wasn't able to buy it so they closed it down. Steven Noble took over Barry Noble's empire in 1996.
  11. Yes John still works on the complex lol
  12. The max capacity IS 2,500 but you could squeeze in 3,000 if pushed.