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  1. That's a really good suggestion, but it's not currently in the plan. Please try e-mailing the idea to info@heartofcity2.com
  2. Heart of the City 2 - Pinstone Street. Public consultation on proposals for Pinstone Street (Laycock House to the Pepperpot) runs until 23rd September. Drop-in sessions Tuesday 11th 4:30-7:00pm The Art House, 8 Backfields, Sheffield S1 4HJ and Wednesday 12th 11:30am-4:00pm Winter Garden. See https://www.heartofcity2.com/public-consultation/. Take a look, make your own mind up, but above all, tell them what you think - some changes have already resulted from public feedback.
  3. Thanks to all the 965+ people who have signed this petition so far. Although the demolition notice has been withdrawn, we still need the Article 4 protection for this and other buildings, so please continue to sign and share!
  4. Petition Sheffield City Council to save the Old Coroner's Court and other historic buildings in the Castlegate area: https//chn.ge/2KGH30H The Old Coroner's Court in Nursery Street dates from 1913. It was designed by the city architect F E P Edwards, and at the time was considered state-of-the-art. You may have seen in the local press that the owner now wants to demolish it (despite there having been planning permission to build apartments behind but retain the frontage - not much of the interior detail survives, unfortunately). The petition demands that the Council use what is known as an "Article 4 direction" to limit demolition in the proposed Castlegate Area. At present, the owner of an unlisted building only has to submit a demolition notice, and the Council can do little to stop them. This is what is happening to the Old Coroner's Court. The owner is trying to demolish now, it is suspected because they fear that the building would soon be protected by a Conservation Area. If they succeed, other building owners may do the same and we could lose many historic buildings quickly. "Article 4" will force developers to apply for planning permission, which provides ways of stopping demolition. The image is copyright Stanley Walker and is used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Licence.