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  1. Does anyone remember this wonderful Indian Restaurant? This was unusual at this time but my parents started to take me as a baby in a carry cot, I was born in October 1960 and we continued to go for years and years, so I was used to eating Indian Food from being tiny. My Dad got very friendly with the Owner and I remember my Dad taking him a good cigar now and again. The owner invited my Mum and Dad to his daughters Wedding, I think that would have been probably 1980s although by this time we had left Sheffield. I would love to hear from the Owner, I think his name was Mr Choudhary, I would also be interested in hearing from anyone who has memories from early 1960s
  2. I have very fond memories from my childhood in the 1960s going to Tuckwoods for lunch on a Saturday with my Mum and Dad. I remember the waitresses in black and white outfits. We always had to queue to get in and it was always packed! Good old English Food