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  1. If you look to the left of the pub gates there was a small brick built coal house against which we used to have a pile of coke (the legal kind). As a child I used to climb up this coke heap and talk to the railway workers who would often give me wild flowers from the embankments. They were really nice guys and I presume customers. These pictures bring back fond memories.
  2. I lived in the Durham Ox with my parents and grandparents from the early 1950's to the early 80's. I remember Mudfords well, below them was a newsagents, a chip shop, a hardware shop, a tobacconists and a dance school. On the opposite side of the road was a betting shop, a barbers (I think), a garage, Granellis and another car repair shop which had great excitement once because they were fixing Diana Dors' car. Opposite the Durham Ox were three cottages, but, as a child I rarely got to play with the children there because the road was so busy (no Parkway then, just a railway line). On more than one occasion vehicles speeding down the road failed to take the bend and finished up embedded in our door/wall. Above the Ox was a brewery depot, which started out as Ind Coop & Alsopp, later to be Allied Breweries and Tetleys. It was closed when Tetleys moved their offices to Hillsborough. I no longer live in Sheffield and was so sad to see the state of the Durham Ox now, I hope somebody takes pity on it and does it up, although I am sure the resident ghost might object. I don't really believe in such things but after the pub caught fire on Christmas Day 1973 (I think) it was repaired with some changes and weird things started happening. For example the taps on the beer barrels would be turned to off even though the doors to them were locked and things would fly off shelves. The weirdest thing of all was we would find customers chatting to themselves and when asked who they were talking to they all said it was a man with a funny hand!!!