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  1. This was Thorncliffe CTC [Casualty Treatment Centre] Built during the second world war. It was bomb proof. After the war it was used as a sort of works clinic. It was where Churchill Way is now. I have been in the place a few times during the '60s when I worked for Thorncliffe Engineering. It had treatment rooms and heat lamps etc for strains. Local doctors used to visit as well to see and treat employees. It was built in a hole and buried in earth and loads of concrete so as to escape bomb blasts. All you could see from the road was a short white painted façade and green painted steel doors. It was in use up to around 1970. An air raid shelter was dug to the right of this building and that has gone as well.
  2. Dr William Marsden of Sheffield founded the Free Cancer Hospital in 1851 in Westminster following the death of his wife. There is a plaque in the archway through to the Dove and Rainbow and the DWP offices informing us of this. In 1954 it was re-named The Royal Marsden Hospital in recognition of its founder.
  3. Czechs [and Poles] joined the German army to fight the Russians as the Russians were the 'real' enemy and at the time the Russians were with the Allies, hence a lot threw in their lot with the Germans. A case of 'the lesser of two evils'.
  4. The camp was opposite the Acorn Inn and used as an annexe for Highgreen Sec mod school in the '60s. I was there in 1961. We heard it was a holding camp for Italian POW's, low risk prisoners with no intention of escaping. These guys worked on local farms and, rumour has it, 'entertained various local ladies'. There were no wire fences, or high walls, just billets and a central hall/admin block.
  5. The South Yorkshire Assylum Wadsley was the old Middlewood Hospital in Sheffield 6. It has now been developed for housing. Google it, there's a lot of info on the net.
  6. Does Joe Scarborough still have a boat moored in the basin ? The old boy must be getting on a bit by now. Always loved his artwork.
  7. I remember Roberts Bros and Chipperfields Circuses in the '50s. I also remember taking the kids to Hillsborough Park in the '70s to a circus. Nearly 3 hours on the hardest wooden benches I have ever encountered. To me Circus=numb bum.
  8. I used to work with Eric Almond in the '60s, we were moulders in Newton Chambers foundry. I believe Eric was related to Bert but not sure what relation he was.
  9. Tony would still be around making us laugh if it wer'nt for his problems with the 'demon drink' It ruined his career and turned him into a very bitter man. All the stunts that got him into trouble started off as 'just 'avin a laugh'. We lost a good'un when we lost Cappo. Radio Sheffield aint been the same without him.
  10. I reckon I was fortunate to see the late ,great, Peter Craven the then World Champion at Owlerton. His team, Belle Vue were in the league above Sheffield so the Tigers only had 'freindlys' with them. Peter Craven was so fast he had a 25 yard handicap imposed on him at the start. The Sheffield team had riders like Clive Featherby, Jack Kitchen, Guy Allott, Jack Winstanley and Tony Robinson. I reckon Peter Craven was the best I ever saw, he was killed shortly after in an accident at Edinburgh? Tragic loss to the sport. I saw Ove Fundin, Barry Briggs et al. Seems just like yesterday.
  11. I used to go to the youth club in Croft House in the '60s. It was just up from West Bar roundabout in a big old building. They did a lot of sports including boxing and weightlifting besides the usual football etc.
  12. I no longer ride but my son 'dabbles' a bit. Has done road racing,moto X and messes about with a trials bike and an enduro bike. He says Track Days on his Suzuki 1000 are safer than road riding. No Volvo's or bimbos in 4x4's and everybody going in the same direction and all concentrating on what they are doing. Not talking on mobiles or putting on make-up and the like. No foreign lorry drivers in horrific l/h/drive 32 tonners driving on unfamiliar roads. I think bike sport is a safer option to road riding these days.
  13. I remember Tom Kays shop, its now St Lukes charity shop at chapeltown. I think his brother was Cyril Kay who sold furniture further up on Station Rd. I remember Tom Kay being a very big man who sold bicycles and small electrical goods. I also remember John Kay the decorator who died tragically in a road accident.
  14. Riots occurred at the Newton Chambers [Thorncliffe] Pits because the owners had brought in Scottish miners and sacked/locked out the striking miners. One riot occured at Westwood Rows where the Scots were housed. This was known as The Westwood riots. Soldiers were deployed for weeks afterwards and they were billeted in what became the 'old Lane End Working Mens Club'.
  15. I remember being told about my grandad coming home from France in 1914. Arriving in Sheffield in cattle railway trucks, being marched up to Glossop Rd. Bathed, shaved[all over ] de-loused, uniform burned, disinfected, new clothes issued and sent home.