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  1. I have vague memories of a club there. Mid to late 80's. One of the regular DJs was - assuming I'm remembering correctly - Nick Reynolds who did the 'Great Northern Rock' show on BBC Sheffield.
  2. I loved living on Kelvin. I loved it so much that 25 years on, I've written a book of poetry and prose about it for my MA dissertation. I lived on Woollen Walk on the section that faced what is now the Tesco, almost directly above the Housing Office. When I first moved onto the flats, the tesco car park was still covered in rubble. Had a brilliant time on the flats. Fantastic people, amazing community spirit and a sense of belonging that I've never felt anywhere else. I'm also one of those peculiar people who loves Brutalist Arcitecture, so loved living there for the aesthetics, too.
  3. I think this was done by the late Mozaz Deep. One of Pete Jones photos shows Mozaz proudly pointing at it. Lovely bloke and something of a character! Spelling wasn't his strong point, though.