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  1. I have vague memories of a club there. Mid to late 80's. One of the regular DJs was - assuming I'm remembering correctly - Nick Reynolds who did the 'Great Northern Rock' show on BBC Sheffield.
  2. Will Vigar

    Kelvin Flats

    I loved living on Kelvin. I loved it so much that 25 years on, I've written a book of poetry and prose about it for my MA dissertation. I lived on Woollen Walk on the section that faced what is now the Tesco, almost directly above the Housing Office. When I first moved onto the flats, the tesco car park was still covered in rubble. Had a brilliant time on the flats. Fantastic people, amazing community spirit and a sense of belonging that I've never felt anywhere else. I'm also one of those peculiar people who loves Brutalist Arcitecture, so loved living there for the aesthetics, too.
  3. Will Vigar

    Kelvin Flats graffiti "No Evitictions'

    I think this was done by the late Mozaz Deep. One of Pete Jones photos shows Mozaz proudly pointing at it. Lovely bloke and something of a character! Spelling wasn't his strong point, though.