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  1. Station Hotel Wicker

    Yes buddy and I know what you mean about notifications I stream pool competitions live now and the amount I get are none stop, I cant even see me on this pic, my parents and sisters and all my cousins but no me
  2. Station Hotel Wicker

    As promised here is a picture of the front of the Station Hotel on the Silver Jubilee day 1977 enjoy and can you see yourself
  3. Station Hotel Wicker

    Yes Tony thats my parents nice to know your still around buddy if you use facebook this is me https://www.facebook. com/wayne.pinder you will have to copy the link and remove the space between the full stop and p
  4. Station Hotel Wicker

    Oh and 40 years later I still have the cue although I don't use it anymore
  5. Station Hotel Wicker

    That bay window was the snooker room I made my first 50 break on it at 14 in 1977 the snooker table was taken out around 1979 and turned into a big lounge with live music can't remember the organist name although I think one was a friend of mine from school dad his surname was hallows
  6. Station Hotel Wicker

    My parents had the station from 76 to 82
  7. Station Hotel Wicker

    I may well have a picture somewhere of the silver jubilee day party outside the front of the pub
  8. Station Hotel Wicker

    My parents had the station hotel between 76 and 82