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  1. Thorntons girl

    How are you coping with the Sun?

    Good advice, I will definitely be trying these ideas. Thanks
  2. Thorntons girl

    Sheffield Buses 1980's

    I can remember when it used to cost me 4p on the bus from Anston to Sheffield!! 2p to town too!! Bring back the 80's!! Thanks for posting and bringing back the memories!! I also remember the Curtesy notice about giving up your seat and the strong smell of petrol that made me travel sick!! Also we used to sit downstairs to avoid the smokers!!
  3. Thorntons girl

    How are you coping with the Sun?

    WOW, it is hot!!!!!!!!!!!! How is everyone coping? Hope you are keeping cool, hydrated and sun creamed !!!!!!!!! Its so hard working in this weather and travelling on public transport is a nightmare!! Why is there no air conditioning?!! Keep cool everyone, enjoy the weather and lets work on our tans!! We will at least have a healthy glow and vitamin D is good for us!!! As an afterthought, at least we are not playing footy in it like our boys in Russia!! We are in the semi-finals!! Who can believe it!!!! Well done boys!!!
  4. Thorntons girl


    So no one remembers Zoobys? How disappointing!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Thorntons girl

    Had to laugh................

    I was in Subway the other day, yes I have ventured back after my grumblings!! Well I was eating a 6 inch breakfast sandwich and coffee when a very large lady walked in/ After stating, rather loudly, that she wasn't really hungry, she ordered a foot long breakfast sandwich. Then she asked for extra bacon. Then she said, could you cut it in half because she was watching her carbs!! You couldnt make this up!!!!!!!!!!!! I expected Peter Kay to pop out of the toilets!!!!!!!! Any other funny experiences in food outlets? Lets have a laugh as we try to keep cool!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Thorntons girl

    Please feed the birds

    Our bird population is really suffering in this super hot weather we are experiencing. Please put out saucers of water for them and food. Fat balls and bird seed can both be bought at Pound land. It can make such a difference.................... Thanks.
  7. Thorntons girl

    Beighton School

    Thanks for that, have you any photos from the 1950 's onwards please? When did you attend the school?
  8. Thorntons girl

    South Yorkshire Asylum/middlewood

    Thanks Angela I will contact them.
  9. Thorntons girl

    Beighton School

    Sorry I meant Beaver hill School at Beighton.
  10. Thorntons girl

    Eyam Plague Village in Derbyshire

    Either way it is a treat for the senses, everyone should go, get a piece of history, have wonderful walk, see outstanding natural beauty and refresh your soul.
  11. Thorntons girl

    Sheffield history fair

    You are very welcome Peter, you will really enjoy it, there is so much to do!
  12. Thorntons girl

    Eyam Plague Village in Derbyshire

    I have been to Eyam many a time and enjoyed every visit. Apart from the obvious history and sights of the village, the scenery, the walking and the cafes are lovely. We usually walk there from Grindleford or the 65 bus takes you directly there, a must place to visit.
  13. Hi everyone has anyone got any information or photos of Market street in Woodhouse before it was knocked down in the sixties? Information like the residents, what the houses were like, any businesses ran from the yards? All help appreciated.
  14. Thorntons girl

    Beighton School

    Hi anyone got any information on Beighton School, which was around in the 1960's?
  15. Thorntons girl

    Bastardy cases

    I have a relative who had a child around 1910, the child did not have a father on the birth certificate. I thought I would have no chance of finding the Fathers name but after attending The Sheffield History fair I was told that there could have been a bastardy case. Does anyone have information on this and know how I should go about finding this lost father?? All help appreciated.