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  1. Thorntons girl


    Nice to here from you, thanks for replying, I was sure I wasnt the only one!! This is a bit before my time but it it nice hearing of your experiences, What an awful teacher! Well done to you for learning how NOT to motivate people!!!!!!
  2. Thorntons girl

    Old Dinnington

    Thanks for these, and the info provided.
  3. Thorntons girl

    Old Sheffield newspapers

    Thanks for your help, I will definitely go to the library.
  4. Thorntons girl


    Can anyone remember Zoobys restaurant, you went downstairs to eat. It was next to the fiesta/ Any info would be appreciated
  5. Thorntons girl


    I ask again- did anyone attend any nursery, infant, junior or senior school in Dinnington? There must be someone!!
  6. Thorntons girl

    Carbrook Hall at Attercliffe, Sheffield

    I loved this pub when I visited a couple of years ago. It was amazing inside, so historical and it had a real atmosphere. The fixtures and fittings were so intricate and the quality was incredible. I didnt see any Ghosts but as I said earlier it did have an atmosphere. I recently walked past it and it looked like it was for sale! Can anyone confirm this?
  7. Thorntons girl

    Salutation Inn, Attercliffe Common, Sheffield

    Any more info on this pub please?
  8. Thorntons girl

    Old Dinnington

    Hi there does anyone have any photos of old Dinnington up to the present day please? Thanks for your help
  9. Thorntons girl

    Old Sheffield newspapers

    Hi there does anyone know of a site where I can access old Sheffield newspapers please? I am looking for an article that would have appeared in 1977 Thanks for your help.
  10. Thorntons girl

    Life in Sheffield

    Amazing, thanks for sharing.
  11. Thorntons girl

    Subway bacon buty

    Went to have a Subway bacon butty Friday and I was shocked to find only one piece of bacon on it!! There was more ketchup than sauce!! £2.20 for bread and a piece of bacon with ketchup, oh a drink as well!! One piece of bacon? What do you think? I will be going elsewhere from now on!!
  12. Thorntons girl

    Outlander series

    Hi Forgeman thanks for your reply. Good to hear your wife is a huge Outlander fan!! I was sure I wasnt alone!! Yes I would love to chat with your wife!! I am on the book, A breath of Snow and ashes, book 6 and it is really good. I am always watching my DVDs too and ave just finished series 3 and cant wait for Series 4 to come out!! Me and my friend at work were beginning to think we were the only fans in Sheffield. Please pass my details on to your wife. Thanks again!!
  13. Thorntons girl

    Shock Horror I am not on Facebook

    I agree with all the comments made on here about Facebook. There are lots of us out there who all feel the same about this but the media would rather the world believe we are all addicted to Social media. Stick together guys- lets say NO, we are not all sheep and follow what we are told. we follow our own beliefs not what the Media wants us to believe!!
  14. Thorntons girl

    The last day ever of Sheffield Castle Market

    Loved watching this, brought back some wonderful memories of the old Castle market. Thanks for sharing. I think this market as old and with its need of TLC had far more atmosphere than the new market on the Moor. What do you think? Castle Market or the Moor Market? Here is a video showing the Moor market when it opened, it is not this busy now and the atmosphere is seriously lacking. Missing the Castle market!!
  15. Thorntons girl

    Game of Thrones

    Thanks for this, I will definitely be buying them soon!