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  1. Hi Guys I have been off here for a year, have I missed anything?
  2. What year was this? I remember the Goodwin fountain but it was when Fargate was pedestrianised. It is a lovely photo, the times when the sun always shined in Sheffield! Thanks for sharing.
  3. It is good to know that not everyone is addicted to their phones and someone understands what I am saying. Mobiles are more than just phones now, I am not against technology, just the addiction. It saddens me when I see 99.5% of people on phones while waiting for a bus, while walking, while having a meal etc. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Just putting it away and forgetting about it is good enough Gamal, it is the addiction that is scary, people walking around with their phones in their hands constantly, bus stops with everyone on their phones and no interactions. Mothers on buses and trams more interested in their phones than their children, I could go on - it is heartbreaking to see people of all ages addicted to their phones like they are on drugs. Never mind Spice, to me mobile phones are just as lethal. We need to remind these addicts what it is like to live, interacting with their environments, other people, and seeing what it is like to be without a mobile. It can be done,I have never had one and never will, I can see the harm they are doing to mankind,
  5. Good for you oldbloke, it is getting so serious now, people been addicted to their phones, it is scary.
  6. We seem to have gone off the main focus of the challenge!! Has anyone managed to do this yet? Lets not get distracted folks!! Do the challenge-if you dare!!
  7. Interesting, I never realised this . Maybe no to bringing back those fares! Thanks for the info
  8. You can do it Gamal, just put it away and try and forget about it for a while. Can you remember the time before phones? How free you were then? I havent ever had a phone and I do not want one, when you look around you as you walk around public places, bus stops, shops etc you can see how addicted people are to their phones. Just look around you and do not be like them. It is not just about Social media it is an addiction affecting our world, people are not interacting with each other verbally, their phone is their priority, it is so sad. Encourage people you love and care about to put down their phones before it is too late. Good luck!
  9. Thanks everyone for your help, it is much appreciated.
  10. Read this article https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-44980893 Is this you? Take the challenge, you will be a happier person. I have been saying this for years, people are addicted and living their lives through their phones. Dont turn into Robots, live your lives to the full and ditch your phones!!! Let me know if you do it, make yourselves proud!! Make your lives and the world a better place for yourself!! Good luck!!
  11. Hi I have just joined Find my past, paid for the subscription for a month but have not received a confirmation of my payment or end date like they do on Ancestry. I have access to the site but no conformation, is this usual? All help will be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Good advice, I will definitely be trying these ideas. Thanks
  13. I can remember when it used to cost me 4p on the bus from Anston to Sheffield!! 2p to town too!! Bring back the 80's!! Thanks for posting and bringing back the memories!! I also remember the Curtesy notice about giving up your seat and the strong smell of petrol that made me travel sick!! Also we used to sit downstairs to avoid the smokers!!