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  1. Dunkirk

    A true hero, thanks for sharing. So many of the boys who came home must have been too traumatised to speak of their ordeal.
  2. Sheffield Castle Redevelopment

    Manor Lodge is a wonderful asset to Sheffield, it is about time the volunteers who run it get recognition for their hard work in keeping the attraction open.
  3. Favourite Sheffield meal?

    This one doesnt sound as nice but is interesting, thanks again for posting.
  4. Favourite Sheffield meal?

    I love this recipe, I will have to try it, thanks Steve for posting.
  5. Sheffield's Pinfolds.

    Wow guys, all this research is amazing, you are all so passionate about history and it is an absolute pleasure to read your research Thankyou
  6. Sheffield Castle Redevelopment

    I hope this happens soon, it will be such an amazing site for Sheffield, only with parts of the castle exposed. Everyone loves castles and history. Sheffield needs to sell its history more.
  7. Favourite Sheffield meal?

    Maybe I have tasted the wrong recipe, are there any old recipes out there What Granny used to make? I would love to hear of them and try making them?
  8. Favourite view point in the peaks

    Hi Voldy glad you enjoyed the posts, it is my favourite subject. the countryside. I love to sit out there in the peace and quiet, breathing in the fresh air and losing myself in the beauty. Stafford-shire sounds great too, anywhere with fresh, beautiful scenery is a place I want to be/
  9. Favourite view point in the peaks

    What a beautiful photo, thanks for sharing. I have never been there, definitely a place worth visiting.
  10. Dunkirk

    Thanks Lysander I will look for a copy, there is so much I dont know and want to know. I love to hear of personal experiences, the real stories of the war.
  11. When Saturday Comes

    I think we are all guilty of that, I wished I had listened more to my Granddad when he spoke of the war and listened more to my parents. They were interesting people and if I could pass on any words of Wisdom to the young of today, it would be to listen to the old stories, you can learn a lot from them and they are worth listening to. You dont want to regret not taking an interest. I would be interested to hear what Kim's relatives say W/E. thanks/
  12. When Saturday Comes

    I dont think she was in this film, the accent spoiled her.
  13. Best shop in Sheffield for Sheffield history

    Yes, the silverware is interesting too but I love the variety of Sheffield books on offer and I buy my My kind of town there too!!
  14. Snow on the Snake Pass

    Very interesting footage, there certainly was a lot of snow.
  15. When Saturday Comes

    Wow that is interesting, she wouldn't say it if it wasn't true would she? I would love to meet Sean Bean, he is such an amazing actor and he was fantastic in his latest role in Broken(See my link) Has anyone met him?